Agents of SHIELD: The Singularity – Ghost in the Shell Meets Marvel (Review)


“Agents of SHIELD: The Singularity” feels remarkably like “Ghost in the Shell” meets Marvel, or maybe “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” meets Marvel.  Once the episode gets past the May and Mack exposition heavy beginning, it zeroes in on the rescue effort of Daisy.

Hive and Daisy have a moment where the parasite explains the Grant Ward is glad to be dead. Back at SHIELD Fitz reveals that Daisy is addicted to Hive. Enter guest star John Hannah as Dr. Radcliffe who the team feel will be the best chance to get Daisy from Hive. 

Fitz, Simmons and Mack go to persuade Radcliffe to help while May, Lincoln  and Phil go to grab Alisha (Alicia Vela-Bailey) before Hive can infect her. 

They are too late.

The transhumanism  that Radcliffe specializes in mirrors the verse in the 1995 “Ghost in the Shell” film where people in the future have accessorized their bodies to such an extent that they rely upon technology to enhance every bodily function. Not too dissimilar to the plot in the 2011 video game “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” where people replace body parts and abilities with robotic and computerized versions of the real thing.

(Although arguably the GitS verse is more about becoming one, a kind of singularity, with computers which drives the plot line in that verse.)

Lincoln proves his loyalty to SHIELD after volunteering to be hooked up to a suicide suit (murder vest).  Hive still wants Lincoln to be in his gang although James, the Aussie wannabe inhuman  who was Lincoln’s friend. is now  the newest member.

James gets his powers in return for the achilles heel of Hive, the other half of the Kree sphere shaped artifact, which is, says the parasite, the only thing that can destroy it.

Interestingly enough, Phil Coulson points out that the alien does not “get” the importance of not messing with a man’s family. While this could seem to be contrary to the feeling of family that new inhumans experience when infected by Hive, it seems that there may be more than one way of “skinning a Hive.”

Talbot gets in contact with Phil about the intel that Malick provided before Hive killed him, using Daisy, and it is the former head of Hydra’s act that prompts Coulson’s observation about alien’s not getting the importance of family.

The head of Hydra is severed by Talbot’s troops as May and Phil watch.  It is a bittersweet experience.

Fitzsimmons crash the transhumanism party  hosted by Radcliffe and meet his assistant Anon (played brilliantly by Camille De Pazzis) and the scientific duo go through their paces as specified by the elusive scientist, Radcliffe.

Unfortunately in mid transaction, the two are separated with Jemma being forcibly removed as Fitz talks to Radcliffe. He is interrupted by Daisy who threatens him with snapping his neck if he approaches her again.

Jemma meets up with Ward/Hive and shoots him in the stomach.

This does not slow the creature down long and at the end of the episode he is showing his band of inhumans the town he bought them. Ward has acquired “Hive Town” for his army, using Malick’s money, and it is clear that he means to populate  the town with inhumans.

Daisy may not need saving after all. The fact is she has not turned deadly after being infected. She does not kill Fitz and she did not destroy the base last week. It is all too easy to see Daisy destroying Hive/Ward in “Hive Town” and taking over the inhumans herself.


Highlight of the Episode:

Fitzsimmons sealing the deal.

Overall Thoughts:

Mack continues to be the voice of reason and of the audience. His line about Anon, “I need to get out more” after seeing all her enhancements was funny. James, the newest inhuman is annoyingly funny with his Aussie aggressiveness and big headed attitude.

Coulson tells his troops that Daisy is “still one of us” and this may prove to be true in more ways than one. While she may be infected, she still retains her essence under all that “hive-ness.”  The new leader of the inhumans has no humanity, as evidenced by his murder of Gideon’s daughter in front of the man, and this, more than the thing found under James’ house, will most likely result in  his downfall.

It was wonderful to see the brilliant John Hannah as a new recurring character (a personal favorite) on the show and viewers can expect only the best from this talented thespian.

“Agents of SHIELD” airs Tuesdays on ABC.


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