Rosewood: Silkworms Y Silencio – Yams and Chuppahs (Review)


“Rosewood: Silkworms Y Silencio” was not just about yams and smashing a chuppah,  it was about yet another telenovela parody, this time set to the  storyline of a murdered soap star whose killer may, or may not have been a costar.  Although in reality the episode could really be all about soap or even television  tropes.

The main plot has an actress found murdered in her home and only one real suspect.  Playing out against the mystery is the continuing Villa and Rosie relationship storyline. It  is turning into another triangle with Erica (Joy Bryantas the interloper who is competing successfully for Rosewood’s affections.

(Earlier triangles were “mini-me Rosie” Mike, played by Taye Diggs and Kat, played by Nicole Ari Parker.)

Anita (Sherri Shephard) die hard Rosie fan.

There was “mucho comedia” (See what we did there?) and a little backstory, although the flashback to Rosie buying the GTO was really set up for later gag.  It appears that since Warehouse 13 did an entire episode as a  telenovela, it has become quite the thing to do on American TV. Not to mention all those telenovela “remakes” and the sitcom Telenovela with Eva Longoria

In “Rosewood” this week there are more subtle and not so subtle jokes than one can shake a parody at.  From Hornstock’s amazement at the gorgeous cross-dressing suspect (played by an actor who was almost the spitting image of actor Justin Long) to the teasing Rosie/Villa reenactments, there were so many “gags” that it took repeated viewing to catch them all.

Underneath the whole murder of a soap star plot, was the intensifying of the two doctors, Kincaid and Rosewood as a new couple. Erica struggling to get on better ground with Rosie’s mother Donna (Lorraine Toussaint) by giving a dinner with roast chicken was the secondary theme. However,  the new woman in Rosie’s life will not be making yams, something  that is apparently expected not only by Donna Rosewood but just about everyone in Miami. 

In keeping with the theme of soap opera romance, there are more females “looking for love” than usual. The soap star who is murdered works on Daisie Villa’s (Lisa Vidal), favorite show. This allows Annalise’s mother to pop up a lot in this episode;  at the precinct and the soap set.

Another Rosie fan also shows up, Anita (Sherri Shepherd) who has never hidden her burning torch for Rosewood.  

Not being completely au fait with the world of the telenovela, which is referred to as a soap in this episode (a rose by any other name…)  superficial exposure to the genre has made some things in “Silkworms Y Silencio” obviously funny.  Other gags perhaps less so, but there appears to be a sub-context going on that deals with fandom and just how much the telenovela has become part of American, or Miami, life.

There is much made of Rosie and Villa’s continued denial of their mutual attraction, although to be fair it is more Annalise who continues to prove the old “not just a river in Egypt” schtick.

Standout Moments:

Rosie’s request for an APB (all points bulletin) for his missing car, aka The Yellow Queen.

The Hornstock and Rosie exchange about Chuppahs.

The “looking at Villa’s badge and running;” twice,  by two different suspects.

The Antonio Espada (Juan Pablo Di Pace) scene where he describes, in essence, the relationship of Villa and Rosie who both deny any resemblance to his tale.

Followed by Espada’s other co-star, played by Yara Martinez doing the same thing moments later. Rosie turns to Annalise and starts to say “You start” and Villa ignores the comparison completely.


Daisie Villa.


Final Thoughts:

There were a lot of tropes in this episode (which is really just a fancy way of saying stereotypes) and all worked brilliantly.  Even the old standby of “mom hating the new girlfriend” is pulled out and that works too.

By the end of the episode, it appears that Villa is pushing for Rosie to admit his feelings for her, but at the same time, pushing him away when he starts. It could be said that this has been their relationship from the day one  but now it seems that Annalise is upping the stakes.

Battle lines are drawn at the dining room table, and Erica’s faux pas at not being prepared to take part in saying “Grace” after her first sin of omission by not making yams, has fired off the first salvo in this war.  The soap star’s killer turns out to be the her next door neighbor who is rumbled by the  nebbish/nerdish neighbor who offered help at the start of the episode.

It should be pointed out that Donna is not the only mother who “interferes” with her offspring’s life.  Daisie also constantly turns up and butts into Annalise’s day, especially when it comes to “Hot Chocolate” Rosewood. Both women’s Christian names start with D, are the writers trying to tell the viewer something?

Will Erica Kincaid survive the meal, with yams provided by mother Rosewood, or not. Time, and a few more episodes, will tell.

“Rosewood” airs Wednesdays on FOX.




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