The Path: The Hole – The Truth Hurts (Review)

Aaron Paul in The Path

In “The Path: The Hole”  the episode takes  up where last week’s show ended; with Eddie (Aaron Paul) digging in the woods till he finds something.  Cal (Hugh Dancy) is still there looking over his protege as Lane tosses dirt to the side. Eddie then  has a vision of Sarah (Michelle Monaghankissing his mentor.

Hawk (Kyle Allenwakes up next to the “IS” girl Ashley (Amy Forsyth) and rushes home into a full house of members of the movement  and a furious mother.  Mary and Shaun wake up next to one another and have sex for the first time.

Sarah’s vision of having her second child, after losing the first, is a sort of awakening, which is brought about by the drug they take at Lima. In the vision  she sees a hawk, hence her son’s  name origin is explained.

Cal learns that Sarah approved  the millionaire’s son, Freddie Ridge and his mother,  being  taken to Peru against his orders. The man is furious. Meanwhile Agent Gaines continues looking into the Kemp suicide amid concerns for his daughter’s health.

Roberts angrily confronts Sarah at her home about the Ridge decision and Eddie tells his mentor to leave.  Later Cal apologies to both of the Lane’s seperately. Hawk decides to leave school but he is still seeing Ashley.

Cal goes to see Freddie’s father and ends up responding with aggression at the man’s accusations that Sarah is either stupid or a crazy cult member. Roberts pays for his anger when the millionaires body guard beats Cal bloody outside the mansion.

“The Path” continues to provide insight into the hierarchy of the movement and the issues that the members face. Mary becomes disenchanted with Roberts when he ignores her after the girl comes relate that she and Shaun had sex.

Because of his stress about the Ridge boy, Cal is having problems keeping calm.  This pressure is proving  difficult  for the man who would be king of the Meyerist movement and his is struggling to control his rage.

It is this poor control that allows him to unwisely annoy the father of the boy who has been, for all intents and purposes, kidnapped and taken out of the country.  Cal’s angry repost to Ridge senior is not too dissimilar to his attitude when the boy was initially taken to the compound for treatment.

Cal’s outburst also shows how attached he still is to Sarah, which Eddie saw in his vision while digging the hole.

Abe finds that the late Mr. Kemp was traveling to Lima, Peru quite a lot and his bank account fluctuated wildly with each trip.  He and his colleague believe that the deceased man was into trafficking.

While the “movement” is definitely a cult, it is not really centered around a variation of “Christian” theology. It does promote mutual respect and personal understanding and a sort of zen self-contemplative peaceful existence that is built around meditation and pot.

It is also all about “we’re okay and you are not.” Beware the outsider (the ignorant as they are called by the members) as they are bad, violent and bring about the future (also a bad thing.)

Eddie may be the only member who still doubts the movement, despite his training for the next rung. Although Mary came close to leaving after the double rejection from Cal,  Shaun stops her with a “the world is a nasty place out there” speech.

Gaines learns that his daughter’s condition is rather serious and this, combined with his  learning the truth behind Mary and her father, seems to be have the FBI agent contemplating  becoming a member. However this is most likely a smokescreen to enable him to infiltrate the cult.

The end of the episode sees Gaines telling Eddie about his daughter’s health issues, Hawk getting together with Ashley, Sarah and Eddie making love and Cal being beaten by Ridge’s bodyguard.  It also shows Freddie Ridge having visions and being cradled by his mother. All to the sounds of the late David Bowie singing “Wild is the Wind.”

At least one reviewer found something noble in Cal’s beating.  This seems to be giving the man too much credit as Roberts is more about taking control of the movement and its followers.  He is also still very much taken up with Sarah Lane and his feelings for Eddie’s wife, along with his inability to control his temper are very much what instigated the beating.

The underlying theme of this episode of “The Path” seems to be that truth hurts even if it results in a happy ending. Mary learning that she may well be better off with Shaun, Cal’s learning that sometimes it is better to remain silent and Abe Gaines learning about his daughter’s medical condition.

All that remains is to see just how this beating will change things in the compound and whether or not the “new” leader can use it to his advantage.

“The Path” airs Wednesdays on Hulu.


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