Shadowhunters: Malec – Traitor? (Review)


Shadowhunters: Malec takes up after the devastating news that Clary and Jace are brother and sister but Jocelyn is now safe. However there is a mole in the Institute and the traitor appears to be Hodge; Jocelyn’s one time BFF. Things are tense between the “new” siblings, with Jace refusing to make eye contact and acting pretty snotty  in general.

Alec prepares for his wedding to Lydia while Jace, Clary and Magnus reach out to Ragnor Fell (Adam Kenneth Wilson) who put Jocelyn to sleep. Phoebe wants to throw Alec a bachelor party and goes to get advice from Simon. Clary invites her BFF vampire to the wedding. 

Magnus is visited by Alec and it is clear that the two are still attracted to one another.

At Ragnor Fell’s, one of Magnus’ oldest friends,  the trio are met by a real firewall and as Clary walks through, Jace and Bane disappear.  Clary continues and the mischievous warlock plays hide and seek until Fairchild spots him hiding in the mirror.

The warlock acts eccentrically speaking to two empty chairs either side of Clary. After promising Fell everything, he waves toward the chairs and both Magnus and Jace reappear. Ragnor goes up to find an item to help track the white book needed when he is attacked and killed by a demon.

Back  at the institute Jace believes that Lydia (Stephanie Bennett) is the mole/traitor and wants to confront the powerful Clave official. Clary intervenes and the two women have a moment to accept one another.  After their conversation Clary is convinced that Lydia is innocent. 

Alec’s bachelor party, that Izzy sets up, has only Jace as a guest. The parabatai mend their burnt bridges and grow close once more. Jace also confesses his  distress about learning that Clary is his sister. He reveals that he not only kissed Fray, but he “wanted” her. Jace tells Alec that he must be sick.

Jace’s parabatai smoothes things over and while Jace is not overly convinced, he does feel better. Proven when he manages to make eye contact with Clary during the wedding ceremony. The  Shadowhunters have healed the rift between them and allowed Jace to move on to other things.

In the middle of the ceremony between Lydia and Alec ; Magnus arrives (“like in The Graduate” Simon gushes excitedly) and the path of   “true love” and the storyline of “Malec” comes together at last. Marisa tries to stop Magnus who silences her with one raised hand. “I’ll leave if Alec asks me to,” Bane says.

Lydia, who confessed to Clary that she loved Alec, lets her intended go to Bane. The two men meet in the aisle and a shocked Marisa looks on in horror as Alec and Magnus kiss. Jace, Simon, Isabelle and Clary look on in delight.

Marisa storms out of the wedding and Jace talks with Clary telling her that what Alec has done makes him realize that he cannot shut her out.

Marisa is not happy with Alec.

Magnus, Alec, Jace and Clary go to track down the book required to wake Jocelyn. It belongs to Bane’s old lover Camille, who is not dead but chained in the basement of the Hotel Dumort.

Clary reveals that their mother never abandoned him, she thought he was dead. Jace tells his sister that perhaps he should join their father, Valentine as he feels a darkness inside him.

Alec’s mother Marisa confronts him and she  is not upset that he chose a man over Lydia. She is furious that Alec  has chosen a downworlder. Alec’s father Robert tells his son to “give her time.” Robert is not upset, just confused. After he leaves Magnus reminds Alec that they have not been on a  date yet.

Lydia goes to retrieve the Mortal Cup and is knocked out. The vessel is retrieved  by Hodge, the real mole/traitor, who wears a summoning ring that brings Valentine’s projection into the Institute. Hodge offers up the cup in exchange for release from his punishment  rune, Clary’s father agrees.

This penultimate episode in season one brings a lot of things together. The fate of Camille; chained and in the basement of the hotel, Simon’s romanticism, Hodges’s treachery and Jace’s misery and confusion over the fact that he had “the hots” for his sister.

It also reveals much about Magnus, immortal he may be, but the warlock is just as much a romantic as Simon Lewis. The big question is whether Hodge will, or can be, stopped before turning the cup over to Valentine.

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays on Freeform and the season finale is next week.

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