Quantico: Turn – Coming Together (Review)

In Quantico: Turn events at the academy seem to be coming together to make sense of present day occurrences. More details are revealed about Claire Haas in terms of personality; she has an almost scary intensity, and the Senator appears to have an agenda on gun control


In Quantico: Turn events at the academy seem to be coming together to make sense of present day occurrences. More details are revealed about Claire Haas in terms of personality; she has an almost scary intensity, and  the Senator appears to have an agenda on gun control.

Miranda’s son Charlie turns out to be part of the terrorist cell that “kidnapped” him and Shelby learns that her parents faked their deaths.

Or has she?

There is still the question of who Wyatt talks to on a regular basis. The conversations are always in Arabic and done in secret.  Were all these made to her half-sister, or were some to her parents?

The main plot of Alex being forced to  carry out the terrorist’s demands continues and she now has to get close to Claire Haas, a woman who is tipped to be the next vice president of the US and a scarily intense individual.

At Quantico the assignment is “hate crime” and as the NATs work their latest tasking, Chang and Olsen double-team Caleb to help Shelby.  At the same time Miranda learns that the cell Raina was infiltrating has moved out and the terrorists turn up at the main gate of the training facility.

The white van is full of armed men and women who kill the guards in a shoot out. The facility is placed on lockdown which prevents Raina and Charlie from entering Quantico.

Present day sees Alex get caught out trying to swap out the senator’s pills.  Parrish tells Hannah about the terrorist controlling her and that the medication will not harm Haas. Ryan’s ex-wife then relieves Parrish of her badge and gun, telling Alex that she is finished at the bureau. Wyland also takes the pills.

Hannah  promises that the next time they meet will be when the bureau arrests Alex.

Back at the academy, Shelby runs out prior to the lock down. Caleb and  Will go out to track her down. Liam leaves to “do his job” and Perales also slips out and will save O’Connor’s life.

The terrorist cell is stopped.

Charlie confesses his role in the day’s events and that he provided the information needed for the cell to get into training grounds.  Miranda goes home to speak with Raina and Charlie and the leader of the group brings things to a head.

The young black man is a muslim convert and after arguing theological dictum with Raina orders Charlie to shoot his mother.  Raina has called Nimah allowing the FBI to surround the house.  The cell leader is shot by Miranda, who later uses the same gun to shoot  Charlie after he freaks out.

Sidenote: It is unclear who actually shoots the cell leader. A shot is heard outside the house by Liam so presumably it had to be Miranda as Charlie could not have moved the gun from his mother’s head fast enough to shoot the man who also had his gun aimed at Charlie’s head; point blank.  

After she shoots Charlie, in the hopes that the sniper will not kill her son, the sniper adds his bullet to Miranda’s.  Present day sees Hannah Wyland turn up at Alex’s apartment after learning that Vasquez did not send the email asking for administrative leave and that she could find  no  trace of the agent anywhere.

Quantico has fallen back upon its original theme of  “a terrorist under every bush.”  There are a lot of threads in this drama with all of the main characters having secrets or implied secrets, or hidden agendas.   All of these characters are connected to or work for the FBI.

There are many questions left unanswered. Back at Quantico for instance;  who is Tom Raymond and, more importantly, why does Will have those pictures of fellow NATs in his sock drawer with red crosses over the faces and is he working some type of investigation with Chang.

Present day still has the issue of who the voice is on the other end of that phone and why the sudden character change in Hanna Wyland?

Marcia Cross as the vice presidential hopeful is terrifying and Eliza Coupe is spot on as the  snotty and aggressive ex-wife of Ryan Booth. Priyanka Chopra continues to provide an intense performance in a show that is starting to become a bit too convoluted. 

With so many plots and subplots the story is getting hard to track amidst all the noise of various secrets and questions being brought up every week. That said, things do make a bit more sense in terms of episodes earlier in the season.

It is now clear why Booth and Vasquez were dating when Alex was being chased down as a terrorist.  Equally apparent is the rift between Caleb and Shelby (Johanna Braddy). What is still to be answered is how and why Liam O’Connor is not at Quantico at the time of the initial explosion.

There are eight episodes left in this season and if the show does not get buried under the mountain of ever increasing subplots the viewer may yet learn who is on the other end of that phone.

On a sidenote, it is interesting to note that there are two popular shows on American television that deal with the FBI and multiple terrorist threats. Is someone trying to tell us something?  Or are television networks cashing in on the paranoia.

Quantico airs Sundays on ABC.

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