Face Off: Keep One Eye Open – Douglas Smith Eyes the Cyclops (Review)

Face Off: Keep One Eye Open stepped into the world of Clash of the Titans, Percy the Lightning Thief, and the Pirates of the Caribbean. The theme this week was the mythical Cyclops. Each of the five remaining contestants had to pick an eye.

Face Off - Season 10

Face Off: Keep One Eye Open stepped into the world of Clash of the Titans, Percy the Lightning Thief, and the Pirates of the Caribbean. The theme this week was the mythical Cyclops. Each of the five remaining contestants had to pick an eye. Mel, disturbingly, admitted to having a passion for eyeballs and said that she made them all the time at home.

This was a focus challenge, where the hopefuls had two days to finish their creations and McKenzie explains that the models this week were all extremely tall and formidable looking without the make up.  Interestingly, this challenge also featured more “team work” between the contestants.

While none of this group of hopefuls have quite the “pop” of contestants past, their attitudes have been stellar. The give and take between each artist; where they give one another tips and/or help with sculpting/molding problems, as in this episode, is beyond impressive.

Rob and Yvonne both had issues in the sculpting phase and each helped the other where they could. After an entire day of frustration, Rob starts over.  Yvonne has problems with the brow and gets help from Rob.

Face Off - Season 10
Rob Seal a close second.

Mckenzie came  in with her father Michael Westmore and as usual, the maestro of makeup brought  much to the hopefuls in the way of guidance and advice.  After he leaves the group continued  fine-tuning their sculpts.

After Rob helped Yvonne on her brow problem, she returned the favor by helping him with his sculpt symmetry problem. After last week’s rush for Walter to get his mold done, this focus challenge sees him way ahead of the game. He is first into the mold room.

In Keep One Eye Open it is Rob who is last into the mold room Melissa finishes first and takes the extra time to work on painting those elaborate scales on her Cyclops. Mel practices on herself with a bald cap to do a Dick Smith mohawk.

Face Off - Season 10
Walter Welsh bottom two this week.

Walter notices Mel with her mohawk and complements her. Mel reveals she used to sport that hairstyle.  Walter replies, “Oh you were that weird ‘scenester’ kid.”  “No,” answers Mel, “I was that weird scenester adult. That was like two years ago.” Walter is not overly impressed apparently as he then replies “Get a grip, Mel.”

Rob has problems with cleaning out his mold and Melissa  helps him out after learning that the power washer is broken.

The models come in and they are, as advertised, huge. Mel has to stand on a step-stool to reach the top of her seated model.

Walter has major problems with his bald cap and Melissa gets stuck-in painting her prosthetic. Rob goes all out on matching his creation’s color to its eye. While Mel is unhappy with her eye saying it looks all “googly”  and crazy.”

Face Off - Season 10
Mel Licata saved by the immunity vote

In last looks Melissa polishes off her paint job and Mel makes an error on hers by adding sheen. Walter’s bald cap issues continue and Rob’s quills are proving to be a difficult addition.

As the hopefuls come out to show the creations to the judges they learn that Douglas Smith (Terminator: Genisys, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters) is a guest judge. The actor played a cyclops in the Percy Jackson film.  Regular judges Ve Neill, Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page as well as Douglas all go in for a close look at the cyclops characters on stage.

Top two looks this week on Face Off were Mellisa and Rob. Ultimately it was Melissa’s expert and incredibly detailed paintwork on her creation that gave her the win. The close second was Rob for a similar reason, his paintwork/makeup,  although his was not as complex.

Face Off - Season 10
Yvonne Cox safe although her model could talk.

Yvonne was safe but Walter and Mel were the bottom two this week. The judges were not overly impressed with either of the artist’s efforts.

Douglas Smith was taken by the fact that Yvonne’s creation allowed the actor underneath to move his face and talk.   He was also quite pleased that Melissa named her creation.  After Mel was critiqued negatively by Glenn and Neville, Smith told the artist that he liked her cyclops.

Mel’s “googly” eye and “boring” make up made her the contestant chosen to go home. However, after telling Mel that she was out, Glenn then told her that they all agreed to use the one time immunity to give  her a second chance.

As Hetrick and the other judges pointed out, Mel is capable of much better work and this challenge just got away from her. The end result is that there are still five  contestants on the program.  Walter says, after they both go back stage,  that next week will be round two of the top five.

Face Off - Season 10
Melissa Ebbe for the win.

Face Off airs Wednesdays on SyFy.

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