You, Me and the Apocalypse: T-Minus (Recap/Review)

You, Me and the Apocalypse: T-Minus moves the series to its inevitable conclusion. (For this brilliant end of the world program, it really is the end as Sky has axed the series after one season.)

 You, Me and the Apocalypse - Season 1

You, Me and the Apocalypse: T-Minus moves the series to its inevitable conclusion. (For this brilliant end of the world program, it really is the end as Sky has axed the series after one season.) Jamie and Dave are in Suffolk hunting down Frankie and Layla/Hawkwind. Father Jude and Sister Celine are in Malta trying to get to Paradise Island. Ariel learns that Frankie and Hawkwind are in Suffolk as well and Rhonda sets out to see her husband. Scotty falters during the Saviour briefing and leaves the room where he is arrested by US Marshall Tess Carter.

In Suffolk, after buying a toy giraffe for his daughter, Dave suggests a monster truck, Jamie learns that Layla ( who now calls herself Sophie) has been arrested. The two men head to the magistrates court and Jamie finds his daughter Frankie there. The two finally meet and  his daughter reveals she really would have liked a monster truck.

Dave (coughing): “Told you.”

Sophie is on trial for stealing a free asthma inhaler.  The judge is annoyed at Sophie’s use of the word “wankers” and fines the woman £400.  Jamie says he will pay the fine but his card is rejected so he gives the clerk his mini-van.  The small family is reunited.

Ariel heads out to Suffolk to claim Frankie.

Standout Moment:

Ariel’s Irish bodyguard, the female member of the duo who kidnapped him,  stops him from taking charge of the chloroform, that he grabs from the boot (trunk) of a car.  “Do you think I’m stupid,” she says, “I’ll take the chloroform, you’ll take the gaffer tape.” Ariel agrees and asks where the tape is. The colleen pauses and then leans into the boot to grab the tape, Ariel slams the lid down, knocking her out. 

In Malta, the two clerics are trying to get to the island to meet Ruthless, yet another “messiah” and they learn no one gets to the island unless they are married. More ominous is the news that no one returns.  Jude and Celine get “married” and kiss.

Scotty learns about Russia getting rid of daylight savings a year previously while in Carter’s jail cell. He realizes that Saviour may have a coding problem and miss the comet. In order to be released, he has to give up his sister. Rhonda finally gets to the hospital and as she enters her husband’s room, Carter’s officers swoop in and arrest her.

The newlyweds learn that Ruthless is a lottery winner who believes God was sending him a message.  Back in Suffolk, Dave is left to be beaten by Frankie with her stuffed giraffe while Sophie/Layla/Hawkwind explains the whole Ariel/Jamie triangle.

On Paradise Island, the married couple confess that they are from Rome to investigate Ruthless. They learn that the entire set up at the island is a huge orgy arranged by the lottery winner and his wife.

 You, Me and the Apocalypse - Season 1
Celine and Jude meet the “shag-a-thon.”

Scotty rushes to the command center to explain about daylight savings.  The technicians have to re-write the Saviour interface immediately. Dave and Frankie play by the river while Hawkwind (Karla Crome) goes through her backstory.


Ariel was madly jealous of Jaimie as Mary kept “banging on” about how special he was. The evil twin then created a computer game called “Doofus” that he used to make his twin’s life a misery. Hawkwind was dispatched to be Jamie’s girlfriend as a joke but  once she met him, went on to fall in love with the good twin.

On their honeymoon, Layla learned she was pregnant and Ariel showed up to reclaim her. Jamie’s new wife opted to disappear.

As Layla reveals all to Jamie, Ariel grabs Frankie for Sutton.

Scotty is grief-stricken at “selling out” Rhonda and breaks down during the launch of Saviour. Back in Malta, Jude and Celine miss the ferry and the newly married Sister sees the sign that Frankie told her of in Poland. The four horses, which are on a film poster, seem to signify that the two should be together.

Father Jude says he should not break his vows and neither should she after admitting that Celine is all he thinks about. She suggests he pray to see if God wants them to be together. He prays for a sign and the fireworks start from the Saviour watch. They kiss again.

Rhonda is taken to see her husband, set up by general Arnold who shows Scotty. Jamie and Layla discover Dave badly injured and Frankie gone.  They learn that Ariel has his niece as the evil twin tells Grandma Sutton that she does not get Frankie till he is in the bunker. Ariel also plans to take Hawkwind with him.

While Ariel rambles on about playing happy families forever, the camera moves to Jude and Celine.  The couple have apparently consummated their wedding; on a small fishing boat. (See what they did there?)

You, Me and the Apocalypse may not be coming back after this single season but thus far, despite falling viewing figures, the series is entertaining. It shows that in terms of great entertainment on television, the Brits rule.

Funny, irreverent and outside the box this show is a breath of fresh air. Meghan Mullally was missed this week but as her name appears in further episodes, in the credits, perhaps she will be popping back up.

Sky television stated that the decision to kill the show after one season was that it has reached its natural conclusion. The real reason may be the lack of viewers, in the UK the show started with over 5 million and then dropped dramatically as the series progressed. In the U.S. on NBC  a similar trend has occurred.

It is doubtful that the American network will take up the reins  of the show to bring the world a second season. And if they did would it be as witty, clever or funny? Most probably not, there is a world of difference between British and American humor and the next offering would not be  “up to snuff.”

Until the end of You, Me and the Apocalypse, tune in on Thursdays over at NBC.  It may be over after a few more episodes but it is a series well worth holding onto till it finishes.

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