Rosewood: Season One Episode 12 (Recap/Review)

Rosewood: Negative Autopsies and New Partners picks up where last week’s “personal” issues left off. Captain Ira Hornstock is not in the recently vacated chief’s position as he refused to get rid of Villa.


Rosewood: Negative Autopsies and New Partners picks up where last week’s “personal” issues left off. Captain Ira Hornstock is not in the recently vacated chief’s position as he refused to get rid of Villa.  This week the search in on for a new partner for the strong female cop and Rosie is also in search for a new partner of sorts; a cardiologist he trusts to fix his malfunctioning heart.

In the area of crime, an unidentified 15 year-old girl’s corpse is found in the woods. As Rosewood starts out to the precinct, a new woman enters his life and she will be back.

The episode begins with Rosie getting his run “crashed” by Villa. She explains that a new partner is required and she suggests Rosewood.  The two enter the morgue and the M.E. tells Rosie he cannot find the COD (cause of death). The deceased girl’s face has been destroyed and Rosewood says he will help to identify the remains.

At his lab, Pippy (Gabrielle Dennis) and Tara (Anna Konkle) assist on the autopsy and based upon the corpse’s condition, battered feet and varicose veins on a 15 year-old, Pippy recognizes that the girl was homeless.  Tara is amazed to learn that her fiancee ran away from home when she was a teenager and lived on the streets for three months. 

The body resembles a missing girl whose parents have been called in to identify the facial reconstruction that Rosie’s lab performed.  The couple say the the dead girl is not their daughter Kira.  Pippy comes down to the station, after initially turning down her brother’s invitation to assist in the case..

Captain Hornstock tells Pippy that he will personally look into the case of the still missing girl and he tells Rosie’s sister that any help she can give will be appreciated.  As Rosie and Pippy leave, the captain tells Villa that he may have found a partner for her.

When the siblings return to their mother’s house, they find her boxing things up for charity.  Pippy and Rosie talk childhood memories: Dump-me pink nail polish and Pip’s homeless friend Cassie who kept her safe.  Rosewood gets a call to meet Villa and then he arrives at the precinct to meet with her and Villa’s new partner Martinez.

After a rocky start with the  “up-tight”  Martinez Rosewood then impresses the new partner of Villa quickly. After pointing out that the girl had been arrested, by the signs of “handcuff neuropathy” (“new-raw-pa-hey,” sings Rosie) he explains that he also detected the presence of the MRSA virus.

Rosewood’s theory turns into fact when he finds where the dead girl was detained. Pippy shows up to help after they learn where Alice was arrested. Villa and Rosie bicker and Pippy remarks that walking next to them is like walking next to “mom and dad.” The implication is that the two act like a married couple.

Rosie, Villa and Pippy talk to a homeless boy named Oscar who knows both the girls, the dead one and the missing one. They fear for his health and take him into the hospital for observation.  They pick up the pace of their search for the missing teen Kira and Martinez dissolves his partnership with Villa after just four hours.


Joy Bryant as Dr. Erica Kincaid

Rosewood bumps into the cardiologist at the hospital, who seems to be a female version of him. Dr. Erica Kincaid (Joy Bryant) correctly diagnoses Rosie’s heart problem and she tells him to call her. At the lab, the team find meth in the maggots found on the dead girl’s body and the investigation quickens. 

Pippy goes home to keep her mother from throwing all her childhood memories out. The two women get into an argument about how her mother Donna (Lorraine Toussaint) treated her when Pippy “came out”. Donna attempts to re-write history and Pip will not allow her to “remix this.”

The investigation continues with Villa questioning a drug dealer. The criminal reveals that the two girls, Kira and Alice stole some things and that may be why they were killed.  Villa questions Oscar who refuses to tell her anything. She tells Rosewood to step in and he reminds her that they have system and not to change it.

The boy tells Rosie to check out an abandoned house where the girls stashed the stolen goods.  As Villa and Rosewood reach the house, the detective tells Rosie that he can be her new partner as a consultant. All he needs to do is take some classes and  maintain the dress code.

At the house, they find a meth lab and the missing girl who is near death. The police bring the girl’s parents in for questioning and Villa believes that they know who was making meth in the house as the building is theirs.

Pippy goes to make peace with Donna after Tara explains why her mother has rewritten history; she’s is embarrassed at her earlier reactions.  Mother and daughter speak of her homeless friend Cassie.  Rosie comes in to tell the two women that he has a new cardiologist and that he has scheduled an appointment with her. Donna and Pippy poke fun at Rosewood.

At the appointment, while Kincaid and Rosewood break the ice and she explains the procedure, Rosie realizes he knows how Alice, the previously unknown victim, died and leaves.  The girl, he explains later, was electrocuted.

The private investigator hired by Kira’s parents did not kill Alice, but he knew where she and Kira were living.  The meth lab was making them ill and when the first girl accidentally electrocuted herself, he hid the body in the woods instead of reporting it so he could continue taking money from Kira’s parents.

Jana Lee Ortiz and Morris Chestnut, Villa and Rosie..

By the end of the episode, Villa and Rosewood agree to go on as they have been, Hornstock tells the detective there is no rush to find a partner. The captain then takes Pippy out to lunch and when she arrives, it is revealed that the eatery is owned  by her old homeless friend Cassie.

Cue a tissue reaching moment where Pip is reunited with her old friend.

This episode is a good example of why Rosewood works so well in a television world with a plethora of procedural crime dramas on offer.  Morris Chestnut is a huge draw in and of himself and has those “eyes to die for,” add to that his charismatic delivery of the supremely self-confident Rosie and the series would be a win.

Put into the already winning mix Jaina Lee Ortiz, Gabrielle Dennis and the rest of the Rosewood regulars and the series moves into “epic” win category. Enough mystery to satisfy the armchair detective and enough of everything else to satisfy the rest.

Rosewood airs Wednesdays on FOX.  Tune in and catch the mysterious charisma.


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