Face Off: Bottled Up With Bill Corso and Douglas Noe (Review)

The foundation challenge for Face Off: Bottled Up had Douglas Noe (The Avengers, Thor: The Dark World, Pulp Fiction) as guest judge and the remaining contestants had to create Valkyries Norse Goddess warriors.

Face Off - Season 10

The foundation challenge for Face Off: Bottled Up had Douglas Noe (The Avengers, Thor: The Dark World, Pulp Fiction) as guest judge and the remaining contestants had to create Valkyries Norse Goddess warriors. After a short list of what the hopefuls needed to keep in mind, which included color palette and not being garish, Noe finished by asking, “Will  your Goddess make a statement without saying a word.”

At the end of the first challenge of this episode all the creations were impressive and Noe gave detailed critiques of the characters made by the artists. The top two were Yvonne, who used feathers to good effect on her creation. But it was Melissa with her “clearness of vision” and overall effect who won the foundation challenge and earned immunity for the spotlight challenge.

Face Off - Season 10
Douglas Noe and McKenzie Westmore inspecting Yvonne’s Valkyrie

The second challenge of the evening ties in perfectly with the show’s title as a bevy of genie bottles are put out for the hopefuls to chose from. Using the bottle itself as motivator, the genie to be created by the artists should reflect its home.

Mel has trouble from the start and her issues are compounded when Michael Westmore tells her that her sculpt may be too obscure for the judges. Walter is very pleased with his character, which is heavily influenced by the dragons on his bottle, and he spends a lot of time on his sculpt.

Robert Lindsay ignores Westmore’s advice to keep away from making his creature too cat-like.  Walter spends so much time on the sculpt that he has to rush his mold.  When the time comes to break it open, Walt has problems. Melissa and Yvonne step in to help and Walter is grateful to his fellow artists.

In the application phase, Walter finds that despite the rush, his mold came out clean with no clay left behind. Robert is very pleased with his makeup for the cat genie and he is the only artist not to do a cowl.

During last looks the artists put on their finishing touches. Robert had issues with the pieces on his creation’s face but everyone, including Walter, finish their genies. Then they meet Bill Corso (Deadpool, Dumb and Dumber To, Foxcatcher) who was the guest judge for this challenge.

After the judges took a closer look at the creations  Yvonne and Melissa (who had immunity for the challenge) were sent backstage; safe. Rob and Walter were the top two looks  and Mel, along with Robert’s cat genie were  the bottom.

Face Off - Season 10
Robert Lindsay with his cat genie

It is Walter’s dragon inspired “scary/evil” genie that wins him his first Spotlight victory. It seems that many times on Face Off stress goes on to assure wins.  Rob has proven this in the past and now Walt has shown that despite things going so pear-shaped, he persevered and went on to win.

Face Off - Season 10
Walter’s dragon genie for the win.

Bill Corso, who Mel was so excited to meet, was a gracious guest judge who even had constructive things to say about Robert’s design.  It was Lindsay’s mischievous disregard for the guidelines that sent him home this week.  Robert was not overly sad as he was very pleased with his creation and the make up.

There are now five hopefuls left and Face Off airs next Wednesday with the Keep One Eye Open challenge.

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