You, Me and the Apocalypse: Still Stuff Worth Fighting For (Recap/Review)

This week in You, Me and the Apocalypse: Still Stuff Worth Fighting For things are still moving toward the end of the world as Jamie sits in the bunker under Slough bemoaning the fate of mankind and the “survivors” he shares the facility with.

You, Me and the Apocalypse - Season 1

This week in You, Me and the Apocalypse: Still Stuff Worth Fighting For things are still moving toward the end of the world as Jamie sits in the bunker under Slough bemoaning the fate of mankind and the “survivors” he shares the facility with. 32 days previously Rhonda  and Leanne attempt to steal some clothes, the general starts working on “the solution,” Jamie still has to convince Skye that he is not Ariel and Father Jude and Sister Celine go to investigate their first “messiah” sighting in Russia.

As the various storylines continue on their merry way, it becomes clear that all the various players are connected. Ariel is only interested in cracking the files of the NSA for their facial recognition program to find Jamie’s wife, who escaped from him. Before this fact is revealed, General Arnold (Paterson Joseph)  starts the world’s brightest on their fake plan and Scotty worries about his fugitive sister. 

Jamie (Mathew Bayntonis still held prisoner in the commune bathroom, along with Dave, as the very pregnant Skye threatens the two with a power nailer. Rhonda (Jenna Fischer) and Leanne (Megan Mullally) fail at stealing replacement clothing for their prison uniforms after the librarian manages to find all the dog’s squeaky toys. 

Skye increases the threat level towards Jamie, whom she believes is Ariel, and Father Jude and Sister Celine fly on the Pope’s private jet to Poland to meet the first “messiah.” Jude is already “hitting” very subtly on the beautiful sister while explaining that the “little giraffe girl” cannot possibly be the savior.

Father Jude (Rob Lowe) turns the conversation from saviors to sex with little effort.  Skye starts labor and Jamie talks her into setting him and Dave (Joel Fry) free to help her.  In Poland, at the hospital where the “messiah” is located, a crowd of zealous believers are chanting outside the facility.

The two clergy learn that Giraffe Girl came back from the dead and could speak English when she “woke up.”  Dave talks Jamie into delivering Skye’s baby, as none of the three have a car, and there are no ambulances.

Skye: “Can someone get over here and take my knickers off!”

Dave: “Bucket list phrase right there.”

 You, Me and the Apocalypse - Season 1
Dave and Jamie at the commune…

Rhonda, who was  caught by the dog’s owner as Leanne made her escape, gets a change of clothes from a cross dressing redneck. She attempts to contact Spike to warn him of Ariel and after the farmer gets dressed in a red dress and pearls, he disconnects the phone while Rhonda is speaking to her brother. He has called the police after seeing that the librarian is wanted by the police for being a terrorist.

In Poland, Father Jude is trying to relax Giraffe Girl and put her at ease for the questioning procedure by telling her a joke:

“Why did the monk leave the monastery?”

“Because he was ‘cloister-phobic.'”

The “messiah” is not impressed:

“My mom told me not to talk to men like you. She says you’re perverts.”

You, Me and the Apocalypse - Season 1
Frankie and Sister Celine make a connection…

Sister Celine manages to connect with the girl, whose name is Frankie (Grace Taylor), and she explains what perverts are (like clowns) and the “messiah” tells the sister that she will not be saving the “idiots” out front who think that she is the daughter of God. Layla  (Karla Cromeenters the hospital room and tells them that Frankie is  not God’s daughter but hers.

Skye is having the baby, and after Dave  wimps out, Jamie has to deliver the infant. When the boy comes out, he is not breathing and Jamie repeats, as a sort of mantra, that the baby needs to breath as “there is still stuff worth fighting for.”

Scotty visits Spike’s father Rajesh (Prasanna Puwanarajah) who tells his wife’s brother that he is dying and he asks if Scotty has made up the story about the comet.  The dying man tells Scotty that if he has made up the comet, Rhonda needs to know. 

While Jude tries to convince Layla that they can help her and Frankie get away from the rabid believers in front of the hospital, Frankie reveals that she is very special indeed. Like, messiah special.  Despite knowing that the zealots will rip him apart, Jude puts his plan in motion.

 You, Me and the Apocalypse - Season 1
Father Jude faces the angry mob…

Ariel collects Spike, whose phone was put in the septic tank, aka crapper, by his stepdad so he has missed Rhonda’s warning.  Back in Oklahoma, a police car turns up in response to the cross dresser’s call and Rhonda tries to escape by climbing through the bathroom window. Leanne, dressed as a cop tases the woman unconscious.

Father Jude places himself in danger to save Frankie and Layla while Sister Celine (Gaia Scodellaro) smuggles the two out in an ambulance. Scotty and the general reveal a hidden side to their professional relationship. 

Leanne reveals that she kept an eye on Rhonda during the time with the redneck and she gets the librarian to agree to team up.  After she agrees, Rhonda asks to be the cop for awhile. Skye reveals a secret about Jamie’s real mother, Mary, it appears she knew all about the upcoming apocalypse.

Spike learns about the NSA application “face chaser” and Jude returns, beaten and bruised by the angry mob and Jaimie is shown his mother’s model of Slough. He sees where his mum left him in the car park and learns that Mary was sectioned in a psychiatric hospital in Scotland and Skye gives him the address.

As Jamie, Dave, Skye and the newborn baby leave the room with the model, the camera zooms in on a model car. As it focuses on the top of the vehicle, an arm comes out and puts a card in an entry point to a gate. A man and woman get out and had to a large formidable building.

 You, Me and the Apocalypse - Season 1
Skye with her new baby…

Two guards run metal detectors over their bodies and they enter a room where a blond woman in a red dress sits behind a plastic hospital curtain, with a respirator over her mouth and nose. The mystery woman  gives them a folder. Inside are pictures of Rhonda, Jamie, Ariel and Father Jude.

The woman behind the curtain, and the respirator, is Dame Diana Rigg, aka Sutton.

This episode may not be as hysterically funny as the previous two, but the amusement factor is high. Layla and Father Jude’s “mystical bollocks” interchange is funny and on par with the rest of this installment. Rhonda has the funniest moment, with the squeaky toys scene at the start (a clear homage to Behind the Hedge and  “Play?”).

You, Me and the Apocalypse: Stuff Still Worth Fighting For  sets up an inter-connection between the twins, Rhonda and Father Jude as well as Layla and Frankie. Sister Celine has no clear connection as yet, but it does seem pretty clear that there must be one.

The entire cast are killing it in this funny British import and the series airs Thursdays on NBC. Tune in and enjoy the end of the world as we know it…

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