Dr Ken: DK and the Dishwasher – Daddy Issues and Sex With Pat


Dr Ken delivers more comic platinum with D.K. and the Dishwasher, where Ken reveals a few “daddy issues” and Damona has sex with Pat…as Clark says, “Eww.”  Ken Jeong, the writers and cast all step up over the bar and deliver a great episode. Dana Lee kills it as the father who is fixing every little thing on Ken’s “to do” list.

The show starts with Ken’s mother off to Korea and an awkward phone conversation with her where he asks for nothing to be brought back, “We still have three pounds of roasted silkworm!”

After the phone call, the family Park talk about Ken’s father, who the entire family agree is gruff. Molly says:

“Oh, yeah. Tell us again about that time when you were a kid and you thought you saw him smile.”

Ken’s response is that his sister saw him smile too.

Grandpa shows up and explains that while the wife is in Korea, he will be staying. The family are not excited by this turn of events. Back at work Dr Julie comes in with a hangover after “Lisa’s party” and Damon arrives with disturbing news, she slept with Pat, not once, but twice.

Clark’s reaction?


Ken manages to hear about the awkward confession and is delighted, “Man, did I pick the right day to come in late wearing quiet footwear.” As Damona explains what happened, Dr Ken does a comedy riff on her revelations.

Damona (to Clark): “Child please. When I’m driving the train, it always gets to the station.”

Ken: “To the station! …Choo Choo!”

Pat then shows up and tells everyone that he is getting back with his estranged wife and to add insult to injury then tells Damona that their sexual event meant nothing. He also explains that he mailed her bra to her and gives her the tracking number.

Later in the episode, Damona and Pat sort things out…

Pat and Damona the morning after…

Back at the Park home, D.K. is fixing everything. Even going so far as to replace the loud dishwasher (Dave: “It’s the soundtrack of my youth.”) with a European model that has WiFi and can be turned on “from your car.”

Ken’s frustration builds as his family suddenly realize that far from being gruff, D.K. is fun, useful and wise, just like a grandfather should be. Even Molly is swayed by his sage advice. Allison is overjoyed:

“He even fixed Molly!”

After being bested by his dad with the dishwasher, Ken sabotages the new machine and ends up in a confrontation with his father. The two clear up a few misconceptions and, in an almost tear-inducing moment, D.K. and Ken show how much they love and respect each other, sans hugs:

Ken: “Thanks, Dad. Should we… hug?”

D.K. “Nah. We hugged at Thanksgiving.”

Each episode of Dr Ken gets funnier.  D.K and the Dishwasher was sidesplitting both in the workplace setting and at the Park home.

Standout Moments:

Damona (Tisha Campbell-Martin) and Pat (Dave Foley) interacting after their sexual escapade. The dream sequence “permission to come aboard…again,” and Damona screaming herself awake.

Dr Julie (Kate Simses) and her pleased reaction after learning that she does not have a virus but a hangover:

“Wow. I’m kind of a cool-a** b*tch.”

Slavin, Campbell-Martin and Simses rocking it…

Julie and Damona’s conversation after the Pat “sex” reveal:

Dr. Julie: “Oh, girl… We all does cray d’s when we’re gettin’ krunk. It’s all good.”

Damona: “That’s got to stop right now.”

Clark’s reaction to the Pat news and his double “Eww” along with:

Clark: “Oh, my God, I have so many “filling the void” jokes in my head right now.”

Dana Lee kills it in this episode, full-stop. Example:

D.K. (to Ken): “Allison told me about your to-do list. You write fiction?”

Ken’s imitation of his father’s laugh that sounded remarkably like a “Scooby-Doo” laugh.

Dave Foley…as usual.

Honorable Mentions:

Dave’s line about the dishes being “licked clean by angels.” (To quote Clark: “Ew?’)

Allison’s riff on Ken about his “to do list,” and the finish :

Allison: “Yeah, we dug it out of the family archives.”

Ken: “Mm, ooh, good one.”

Allison: “The first thing on it was ‘assemble Molly’s crib.'”

Ken: “Ha ha.”


Overall Thoughts:

Dr Ken has found its feet and has moved into full comedy mode. All the cast have melded into a cohesive comic unit.  The gags are brilliant. Kudos to Suzy Nakamura, Krista Marie Yu, Dave Foley and Albert Tsai, Jonathan Slavin, Kate Simses, Tisha Campbell-Martin and of course Ken Jeong for providing a steady stream of laughs on a Friday night.

Ken Jeong and Suzy Nakamura, great comedic give and take.

Mad props to Dana Lee who proved that his comic delivery and timing was spot on.  The perfect combination of Lee’s expression, which is full of implied gravitas, and the unexpected humor was just brilliant. Hopefully “D.K.” will be on the show more often as the chemistry between the character and the Park family is just brilliant.

Dr Ken airs Fridays on ABC. Tune in and enjoy this funny series, let ABC know how great this show is by shooting up those viewing numbers. Ken Jeong and his crew  (“Yo!”)  must return for a second season…



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