Galavant: Love & Death, Eddie Marsan and Do the D’dew, aka Do-Do (Review)

The latest two episodes of Galavant: Love and Death plus Do the D’dew (which should be do-do cue schoolboy laughter) include two of the most brilliant musical numbers.


The latest two episodes of Galavant: Love and Death plus Do the D’dew (which should be do-do cue schoolboy laughter) include two of the most brilliant musical numbers.

In Love and Death, there is the omnipresent Eddie Marsan, last seen in River as serial killer Thomas Cream, playing death and rocking the episode.

There is also Reece Shearsmith as the healer, who has his own splendid musical number and who also gets in a Shaun of the Dead reference when talking about his half-dead/half-alive army:

“They’re a bit “bite-y”

Sidenote: Shearsmith was in the first of the cornetto trilogy films, mIssed the second (Hot Fuzz) and made into the third, The World’s End. To clarify the reference, Shaun’s mum “We’re coming to get you Barbara,” says that some men (zombies) who attacked Philip were a bit “bite-y.” Reece played one of “Yvonne’s group.”

Marsan’s entire number had everything, humor, pithy lyrics, knee in the groin and a slew of Galavant’s friends, including one odd stranger (for rhyming purposes):

“I am just some random guy…”

A bit of fun, at the expense of the “dying” Galavant, who never was going to die before time.  Shearsmith’s role as Neo Sporin  (Get it? Get it??) was fun, although he was probably thankful not to follow Marsan’s grim reaper routine.

Standout Moments:

Timothy Omundson with his sidesplitting “Tom and Jerry” high-pitched scream for help after his preceding deep growl of “you’ve done quite enough.”

The “some random guy” gag and Galavan complaining that he had obviously run out of friends.

The Unicorn’s return…

“Guess the Future” game and Isabella’s DVR line and then being tricked into leading the Hortensia army into battle.

Vinnie Jones and the “proposal” kick in the face incident.

Eddie Marsan as Death: “Say sayonara as there ain’t no tomorra…where you’re goin’.”

Bobbi (After Galavant interrupts the kiss): “You couldn’t wait 30 more seconds to come back from the dead huh?”

Gareth and Magdalena telling each other how they feel via the “soldiers of Valencia.”

Hortensia’s weapons of war…

The un-dead army.

Honorable Mentions:

Galavant: (hacking) Ugh Sorry, but it feels like there is a tiny wiry hair stuck in the back of my throat.

Isabella gathering weapons.

Next up is Do the D’dew where Robert Lindsay gets to do a little song and dance of his own, as the villainous wedding planner who makes a dark offer.  Isabella and the Jester head to the enemy camp to surrender and after Magdalena trots out her “monstrous” terms. “Tiny Tot,” recants the idea of laying down “toy” arms and the two women enter into a spirited (and flaming brilliant) musical cat fight.

Later Isabella motivates the denizens of Hortensia to donate weapons.

Chester Wormwood offers the King and Queen his “doubly dark” magic, “D’dew” and Gareth tells Magdalena that he is not comfortable with the this turn of events and she tells Wormwood that they do not want the D’dew. After Gareth leaves, she then tells Chester that she will find him later.

Roberta and Richard, “R&R” do their medieval version of the John Travolta/Olivia Newton-John “Tell me more” number from Grease, only titled “Finally.” The un-dead army fills in for the Pink Ladies and the T-birds which allowed this “homage” to work perfectly.

Later Galavant shares a moment with his un-dead army, or half-dead army, where they respond to love.  Magdalena goes with the D’dew, which causes her eyes to turn red and provides a great “Up” moment. Gareth notice the eye colour change and asks about it, the Queen points off the left and says:

 “Oh look, there’s a squirrel.”

This D’dew moment takes place mid-song where Isabella is painting how dark all this season has been.

Standout Moments:

The singing cat fight; “I really don’t like you.”

Isabella to Jester:

“Don’t get your bells in a bunch”

Roberta singing to the camera about living alone and having to chase it to finish her line.

The fact that “D’dew” sound so much like “do-do.” (In keeping with the puerile humor in the show thus far this certainly made me chuckle.)

Honorable Mention:

The Jester’s raspberry prior to the cat fight.

Galavant’s un-dead army following him like the “Zs” follow “The Murphy” in Z Nation.

Annoying bit:

Isabella: Easy peasy, pudding and pie…


Obviously easy peasy, lemon squeezy (which most people say) was too difficult to rhyme, hence the change.  Of course I could be wrong, if so, any feedback from the show’s makers would be welcomed…

Overall Thoughts:

These last two episodes, which could be called the penultimate double installment, were brilliant.  Prior to the Karen David and Mallory Jansen duo, Eddie Marsan had the award for the “episode best” musical number.

With the finale just one week away, and more homages, inside jokes and some splendid gags, Galavant will be going out on a high note. This ode to all things musical has converted at least one “non-musical” nerd into a fan.

Galavant will end on January 31, aka next Sunday on ABC. Tune in and see how this all ends, Will Gal get the girl or will Wormwood win the day.



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