Shades of Blue: False Face, False Heart – Sex and Surprises (Recap/Review)

After last week’s bonehead stunt with the shotgun this installment of Shades of Blue: False Face, False Heart, introduces some sex and at least a couple of surprises.

Shades of Blue - Season 1

After last week’s bonehead stunt with the shotgun this installment of Shades of Blue: False Face, False Heart, introduces some sex and at least a couple of surprises.  Although one of these surprises is not necessarily overwhelming (It turns out that crooked cops don’t worry about leaving their own fingerprints on illegally made plastic, non-traceable guns…).  Of course the big shocker was Ray Liotta’s character Woz swapping spit with Donnie Pomp, and later (off-screen) probably swapping a whole lot more…

Speaking of boneheads, how mentally challenged is Tess? Moving a body, twice, to protect her “open house.”  Combined with the cop smashing a beer pitcher across a bar waitress’ head last week and now this? It is easy to see why Woz prizes Harlee so much, with so many of his crooked band of cops being major contenders for “The Weakest Link” walk of shame, it is a wonder that Wozniak’s gang has not been busted already.

Matt easily recognizes Harlee’s “tell” (a blind man could have seen it) and Donnie wants things taken care of. We learn more about Stahl and in keeping with the fact that this FBI agent is a major douche, moments after earning a little of our sympathy, the agent once again proves he probably deserves what his ex is doing.

Loman is seconds away from making the second biggest mistake of his short career as the guilt ridden cop heads toward major meltdown. Stahl’s boss Baker calls in Harlee and threatens to shut the operation down unless his “informant” delivers some kind of proof. The clock is now ticking and the pressure is on for Santos and Stahl to perform.

Harlee comes to Tess’ rescue, looking for evidence and working out how the “kid,” whose body Tess moved, died.

Shades of Blue - Season 1
Harlee Santos, is the best cop…

There are some pretty tense moments when it appears that Woz has caught out Harlee one more time; that unlocked cabinet with the “book” in it.   Matt comes to the conclusion that Santos is his mole and then “makes” the FBI agents when they follow Santos. He then believes completely that Harlee is guilty and  he heads over to Donnie’s to tell him. He also gets into a passionate kiss with the other man. (Later, Pomp is seen showering, an obvious sign that the two had sex…)

Santos continues her “pursuit” of Nava and after Stahl’s interruption of her date, where he informs his mole that he will touch her how and when he wants before placing a wire on Harlee before her marina visit with Woz, she gets a little payback on the FBI agent.

After she pulls a majestic bluff on Woz, and proves her innocence, she then heads back to Nava’s with a meal cooked by Cristina and seduces the ADA. Leaving Stahl’s wire on, she and Nava have sex (quite obviously) making her handler listen in.

Loman arranges a date with the one person he should be avoiding.  Carlos and Harlee head over the the dead man’s apartment to look for leads.  Santos discovers the 3D printed  plastic guns, while getting her fingerprints all over everything, bags them and the flash drive with the software on it and takes the evidence away.

As she exits, the roommate returns and she “bags” him. Later she offers up the guns and the roomy to Stahl to get Baker off his, and her, back.

The biggest surprise is the sexual congress between Woz and Donnie. The man who still mourns the suicide of his daughter apparently bats for both teams. In some ways this feels like an attempt to woo (to use Marcus’ word) the LGBT community rather than bring any depth to Liotta’s character.

Shades of Blue - Season 1
Ray Liotta, shades of a sexual nature as Woz…

Shades of Blue has Jennifer Lopez (as Harlee Santos) busier than a plate spinner at the circus.  Or, perhaps, a one-armed juggler. The cop has so many things she is trying to orchestrate; her boyfriend, Stahl (Warren Kole), Woz, Tess and Loman that she is in danger of losing it all.

Sidenote: Just how “rape-y” and pervy did Stahl come off in the restaurant restroom scene? “When I tell you to take off your dress…” Major douchebag entering major sex pest in one swift move.

Despite the odd bits where the writers and directors make mistakes (Yes I am still on about that bloody shotgun…) this series is maintaining a good level of interest. Lopez, Kole and Liotta make an interesting triangle, with the addition of sex/crime partner Donnie (Michael Esper).

Now that Santos has engaged with Nava (Gino Anthony Pesi) it looks like the mole has another plate to spin on top of all the others. It has to be noted that the interaction between Harlee and Nava was adorably cute/funny, the fact that it ended in sex was not surprising at all. 

Shades of Blue airs Thursdays on NBC. This new series has a good storyline and if it can avoid further gaffes, like the shotgun and others, it is worth a look. Tune in just for Liotta and Lopez.


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