Telenovela: The Hurricane – No Filter and Slap Fights (Recap/Review)

Telenovela - Season 1

In Telenovela: The Hurricane the crew are stranded in their Miami studios after Hurricane Chloe hits and turns out not to be cute, but :

“kind of  a b*tch, kind of like a Chrissie or a Jessica.”

Mimi brings in the costumes for the “desert island” segment the next day and Ana bans food from the set, with a two-minute window where the cast can eat before all edibles are removed.

The next day, the cast end their taping, while waiting for Xavi to cry on cue (he cannot) and  all the actors look forward to to eating like “normal people.” The crew abandon the studio and the cast are trapped by the hurricane with no food and, initially, no electricity.  Gael, who Ana makes the Safety Officer (by default)  begins to set up measures to keep everyone safe.

The lack of food removes Ana’s “filter” and she begins to become angry at everyone. Mimi urges her to eat as the last time she lost her filter was during a juice cleanse a year ago. Cue a funny scene were every other word out of Ana’s mouth is “bleeped.”

Sidenote: This reference to the old  “Joan Collins and Stephanie Beacham” Snickers advert is brilliant, although Ana does not pontificate like Joan, her bleeping delivery is hysterical.

After Ana (Eva Longoria) loses her filter once again and chews out the entire cast, she is banished to the deserted island set, hot lights, white sand and a beach chair, and Gael (Jose Moreno Brooks) takes charge. Ana lets rip with one “Lucy” type scream of anguish.

Telenovela - Season 1
The chocolate bar incident…

Gael’s turn as group leader is ended after he finds a candy bar and tires to talk the cast into sharing it.  When they rush him, he shoves the whole thing in his mouth:

Gael: “You know what? Now no one gets any.

[The rest of the cast gasp] “No!”

Gael [around a mouthful of chocolate candy bar] “There. Now what are you gonna do? “

What they do is banish the safety officer to the same set where Ana sits.

As the group theatrically react to being trapped with no food, Ana and Gael make up and decide to brave Hurricane Chloe to get food for the cast. Outside the studio they learn that the storm is over. The two agree to “save the cast” and then tell them that Chloe is finished.

Standout Moments:

The moment Isabela’s “in the dark” makeup is revealed.

The slap fight between Xavi (Jencarlos Canela) and Rodrigo (Amaury Nolasco) with Issac (Izzy Diaz) shouting monotone, and slightly guttural,  encouragement:

“Hit him. Hit him, Xavi. Hit him again.”

Isabela (Alex Meneses)trying and failing to make Xavi cry.

Ana going through the list of all the bad things she did to Gael while trying to apologize to him.

Issac going through the motions of asking Roxi (Jadyn Douglas) out on a date and his excited response to the actress “not saying no.”

Gael and Ana getting each other wet in order to sell the rest of the cast that Hurricane Chloe is still raging on.

Honorable Mentions:

Ana’s rant after the fake food find.

Isabela’s telling everyone that she has been on a diet for 40 years.

That weather woman (Roselyn Sanchez).

Issac gazing at Roxi and telling Rodrigo that “she is so-o-o-o beautiful” while the object of his desire wipes under her armpits with a bit of costume as her face twists into a grimace.

Telenovela - Season 1
Gael and Ana prepare to face Hurricane Chloe…

Overall Thoughts:

Another funny Telenovela episode where the cast prove once again that despite the focus being on Ana and Gael in this one, that this series is an ensemble effort.  The character of Issac even gets to  end The Hurricane episode:

Issac: [rushing away from Roxi in excitement] “She said not a no. She said not a no! She said not a no!”

Telenovela airs Mondays on NBC and is another win for the network in terms of comedy. Tune and and marvel at Eva Longoria and the rest of the cast as they display massive comedic chops.


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