The Mysteries of Laura: The Mystery of the Triple Threat (Recap/Review)

After a midseason break, The Mysteries of Laura returned with The Mystery of the Triple Threat. In keeping with the up-to-date topical feel of the series, the plot included bitcoin treasure hunts, the Dark Web, and a “throuple.”

The Mysteries of Laura - Season 2

After a midseason break, The Mysteries of Laura returned with The Mystery of the Triple Threat. In keeping with the up-to-date topical feel of the series, the plot included bitcoin treasure hunts, the “Dark Web,” and a “throuple.”  The subplot lines included the on-going “throuple” situation between Laura, Jake and Tony, as well as the dual partnership issues  between Billy and Meredith.

The episode, despite the modern take on “dark web” secret contests for massive amounts of bitcoin, was really all about relationships.  Specifically, outside-the-box relationships and the effects of same.

At the start of The Mystery of the Triple Threat, a dead man is found in a church by two contestants playing the New Gotham Treasure Hunt. After learning about the secretive game,  Laura and Jake find out that pictures are used as clues, in the hunt for the flash drive prize.

After printing out the pictures Laura figures out what the connection is between the photos using the “Sesame Street technique”.  The picture clues lead the police to the “Silvercup” movie studio sign and their first suspect.

As the cops work to discover who the victim is, why he was killed and who did it,  Tony has news for Laura and a question to ask.  Keeping to the relationship theme,  the police learn that the victim was part of a “throuple.”  Two men and a woman who were all married to each other. . Right before the man’s death, the newspaper “The Post” did an article about the unusual relationship.

As the investigation continues, they learn that the news story cost the victim his job and brought him back into contact with a former girlfriend, who is, for a short while, a suspect. While looking into the dead man’s “love nest” Meredith is attacked and knocked unconscious. Her partner Soto, stops to check on her and the “perp” escapes by jumping out of a window 15 feet above the pavement.

This leads Laura back to their initial suspect who was actually behind bars and they try to see if he has a partner.  The New Gotham Treasure Hunt turns out to be a dead end and the clues lead to another suspect, the deceased man’s former girlfriend.

The Mysteries of Laura finishes with the culprit being caught by Laura and Jake, Billy and Meredith cooling things a bit, and Detective Diamond making a decision about Tony and Jake.   When Diamond learns that her ex has been less than truthful about the results of his CAT scan, she turns to Tony, thus ending her own “throuple.”

The Mysteries of Laura - Season 2

For now.

There is no denying that Laura and Jake still have that spark and Broderick has been “amping” up the charm offensive to woo back his ex. Unfortunately, his nondisclosure about the CAT scan results, that show he has brain issues as well as heart, really shot down his chances with Laura.

The chemistry between Debra Messing and Josh Lucas is spot on. In fact, in terms of casting, both relationships on “the force” are nigh on perfect. Laz Alonso and Janina Gavankar also spark off one another quite well. Neal Bledsoe as Tony, the third member of the Diamond/Broderick triangle is adept at playing “Mr. Understanding” and this actor also has splendid chemistry with Messing. 

The Mysteries of Laura is easily one of the best mystery shows on offer.  In this episode, like the rest, the culprit came as a complete surprise. The clues, masked in bitcoin, dark web contests and unusual relationships were topical, pithy and many were amusingly uncovered.

Comedy is clever in this show and adroitly delivered with tight scripts and the great give and take between the cast, specifically Lucas and Messing. All the elements of this series come together to shine and entertain.  From the catchy music to the well written storylines, this is an addictive show.

“Laura” airs Wednesdays on NBC. Tune in and get carried away by the tight plot lines and the great performances of all concerned.

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