The Flash/Arrow Crossover…Again

You have to love a good crossover. The most recent The Flash and Arrow crossover, Legends of Yesterday, proves that once again these two DC heroes are an excellent double act. This episode features a grumpy Green Arrow (at least at first) and an Immortal who is hell bent on killing Cisco’s new girlfriend Kendra, aka Hawkgirl, aka Chay-Ara.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl The Flash/Arrow

You have to love a good crossover.  The  most recent The Flash and Arrow crossover, Legends of Yesterday, proves that once again these two DC heroes are an excellent double act. This episode features a grumpy Green Arrow (at least at first) and an Immortal who is hell bent on killing Cisco’s new girlfriend Kendra, aka Hawkgirl, aka Chay-Ara. It also borrows a little from (or it could be the other way around, we are talking Hollywood here) The Mummy franchise.

In the franchise, with Brendan FraserRachel Weisz and Arnold Vosloo, two character were reincarnated lovers. This “The Flash/Arrow” crossover storyline also bears a huge resemblance to the plot of Hancock where Will Smith and Charlize Theron are two “aliens” with superpowers who are drawn to one another in order to self destruct. Very similar to Khufu and Chay-ara…

In Legends of Yesterday, Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) an immortal who suddenly shows up at Central City, starts increasing the body count while searching for someone. This happens to be Cisco’s new girlfriend Kendra (Ciara Renée) and another superhero with previous connections with Kendra; “Hawkman” aka Carter Hall, aka Khufu (played by Falk Hentschel) shows up to save the woman and reveal who she really is.

Barry, helps his pal Ramon out by promising to protect Kendra from this new threat, but since The Flash is having speed issues, he needs to be faster to defeat season two’s big bad, Zoom, and cannot do it on his own, he asks Oliver Queen to help out.

Standout Moments:

Felicity Smoak giving herself a verbal pat on the back for the magnetic arrow “gag” and annoying Oliver as he can hear every word:

Felicity (mimicking Oliver): “Felicity, the magnetic-arrow gag will never work.” [chuckles] Yes, it will, my love, because I am really smart. And guess what, Oliver. It did work.”

Oliver: “Felicity, honey, it’s a little hard to fight with you doing that in my ear.

Felicity: “Oh!  I totally forgot that this was an open line. Keep doing what you’re doing… Make smart decisions.

Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) has put a death grip on Green Arrow, chuckling evilly as he drains the life from Queen, and The Flash zips in and rescues not just Oliver but all of Team Arrow. Darhk is delighted at this turn of events:

(Darhk laughing) “What was that?”

These two scenes, over in Arrow-land, aka Star City,  actually ruled in the stakes of comedic moments. Of course Felicity totally rocks in terms of great delivery and clear delight when she is proven right…in anything.

Cisco calling,  referencing the 1986 Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery fantasy film Highlander, when Savage shows up for Kendra:

“Kendra’s not going anywhere with you, Highlander.”

The whole storyline of an immortal baddy who tracks down a pair of doomed lovers whom he has to kill in order to become even more invincible is entertaining and does contain at least one amusing interaction.  Khufu explains that Savage has killed him and Kendra 206 times and the captured Hawkman then  tells The Flash and Green Arrow group how he alone can  save Kendra.

Cisco is a tad cynical:

Cisco: “You’re 0 for 206, and you still think you’re her best bet, hmm?”

It goes without saying that Vandal Savage and Carter Hall are all on par as denizens of the DC verse as are the backstories behind their characters.   As usual it is very easy to get caught up in all the action.

Honorable mentions:

Barry Allen’s reaction to Malcom Merlyn entering the room, from the shadows twice,  “Is that the only way this guy knows how to enter a room?” This reaction to the second time Merlyn (John Barrowman) “appears” is on par with the first time he suddenly shows up.

Allen: “Who the hell is this?”

Thea/Speedy: “It’s my dad…”

Merlyn, Speedy’s daddy dearest, shows up while Carter is explaining the whole “Vandal Savage” backstory and he reveals that if the Immortal gets the Staff of Horus, he will be practically unstoppable.  Hawkman also tells Kendra that she needs to reveal her true self that that the only way to do that is to fall to her death.

Somewhat understandably no one thinks this is a good idea. Although Oliver tells Barry that he believes that Kendra should do just that.  Later, after the gang split up (Oliver and Allen head out to stop Savage from getting the staff) Kendra decides to jump on her own and her wings suddenly appear.

Cisco is excited to the nth degree that his new girlfriend is “Hawkgirl” and Khufu now believes that they have a chance to defeat Vandal Savage once and for all. Back in the lab, Velocity 6 is finished, with a little help from Dr. Snow. Patty shoots Dr. Wells and Jay Garrick save’s the Earth two man’s life after injecting himself with a little of the serum.

The “other” flash warns Snow to keep the serum away from Barry and Wells thanks Jay for saving his life.  Back in Oliver’s turf, the gang fail to kill Savage. The Flash and Green Arrow, and the rest of the group head back to Central City, where the Immortal has returned. In the coffeeshop, Oliver sees a familiar face.

CW has utilized the Arrow/The Flash crossover several times and these two heroes work very well together.  As previous teaming of the two has shown, not only do Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin have splendid chemistry together on screen (the two really feel like siblings with a great give and take attitude) but the casts from each show also work very well together. 

The Flash airs Wednesdays on CW, Arrow on Tuesdays. Tune in and see how long it will take the two heroes to defeat Vandal Savage.


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