Agents of SHIELD: Closure – Phil, Fitz and Grant


Agents of SHIELD: Closure does just that. It ends the relationship between Phil and Roz as well as killing off Banks (just as we learned that he was not a nasty bit of work who did Rosalind’s bidding). It stood to reason that the whole Coulson/Romance was never going to last, the couple were too good together. Glib, full of double and triple entendres and obviously made for each other.

Grant Ward saw this and took steps to get payback for his loss.  Before the end credits roll, Phil puts Mack in charge, Fitz-Simmons are captured by Ward and Hydra, Grant, Fitz and Phil go through the portal, Mack makes his first hard decision as director and Coulson is knocked unconscious on Maveth.

There is also one heck of a great shoot out between Phil (Clark Gregg has never looked so great as in this brilliantly choreographed  sequence) and the minions that Ward sends to push his former boss to the limit.

The team sniff out Grant’s brother, the one he pushed down the well, and they use him to get a fix on Ward.  This is after Phil questions all the original team members who were taken in by the dastardly, and extremely messed up Ward. Brett Dalton continues to portray the HYDRA obsessed character with a splendid mix of angst and inner pathos that makes his Grant a pretty impressive villain. 

Agents of SHIEld: Closure focuses on both Phil and Grant in their personal battle to beat the other and the relationship between Fitz and Jemma (to further cement that these two were made for each other) and gives Mack the reins of command.

Henry Simmons as Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie kills it. He is becoming the voice of reason as well as the man who will “step up and do the damn job.” Kudos for the best “straight to the point and blunt” speech to new recruits ever. 

Coulson looked to be doing a Nick Fury and disappearing for a while, which he may be despite the next episode (titled Maveth it does indicate that action will now be taking place on “Planet Jemma” and not at the castle where SHIELD is taking on HYDRA) as he got cold-cocked by a huge Maveth boulder at the end of this episode.


Grant after shooting Rosalind Price.

Grant kills Roz and sets up her right hand man Banks to die, at the hand of Mr. Giyera (Mark Damascus) who later tortures Jemma to learn how she got back. Although he takes matters into his own hands after he learns that Phil has younger brother Thomas. 

Phil enlists the help of Lance and Bobbi to grab the youngest Ward, which they do by robbing the bank he works in.  Coulson losing Rosalind has moved the agent to exterminate Grant with extreme prejudice and after letting Thomas go, the three head to the castle to kill Ward once and for all.

Coulson does a “Captain America” and jumps out of the plane with his parachute closed to nosedive into the opened portal.  The rest of SHIELD along with with new inhuman recruits Lincoln Campbell (Luke Mitchell) and Joey Gutierrez  and headed up by the new director, Mack, all rush to give Coulson, Hunter and Morse back up.

Outnumbered and outgunned, Mack gives brief and blunt motivational speech and they head out.  Back at the castle, Grant is talked into going to Maveth to bring back what HYDRA is desperate for. Fitz has agree to  go along to save Jemma and just after the two men enter, with a HYDRA team, Phil leaps into the open portal a split second before it closes.

These three men will obviously feature heavily on the planet, Phil, unconscious and angry, Grant too confident and Fitz; who is determined to save Will for Jemma.

Clark Gregg really kicked butt in this episode showing a steely determination and controlled rage that impressed.  Gregg is Coulson and as the figure head of the small screen verse of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, the actor has stepped up, in Closure, and as Mack says in his little speech, “does the damn job” brilliantly.

Phil takes Christian out.

Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays on ABC, tune in and see what happens on Maveth…

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