Heroes Reborn: 11:53 to Odessa (Review)

Heroes Reborn: 11:53 to Odessa springs forward to both the post apocalyptic future and to Erica Kravid’s utopian city Gateway. Nathan/Tommy has replaced Hiro Nakamura.

Heroes Reborn - Season 1

Heroes Reborn: 11:53 to Odessa springs forward to both the post apocalyptic future and to Erica Kravid’s utopian city Gateway. Nathan/Tommy  has replaced Hiro Nakamura as the master of time and space, although Hiro is still around as he is powering the time bridge.

Miko returns to save Tommy and evades Kravid. Afterward Noah is apparently also saved by Tommy, although it is not clear whose time-traveling hand grabbed Bennet and kept him from being smashed flat by a flying car.

The Haitian and Taylor Kravid take on Sunstone Manor and Matt Parkman and the first cracks appear in Phoebe and Quentin’s relationship.  Another “butterfly” appears in that Hachiro Otomo’s real life daughter is not dead but being held by Erica Kravid.  Harris Prime appears to have hundreds of clones of himself and Malina joins up with Luke Collins while believing that her grandfather is dead.

Parkman (Greg Grunberg) turns out to be a nasty bit of work who screams at a  captive Farah Nazan (Nazneen Contractorwhile pointing a gun at Carlos’ head, “This is easy for me.” It appears that Matt is so paranoid that he will get left behind by Kravid that he will do anything to ensure his survival.

Ren Shimosawa (Toru Uchikado) is approached by the “digital” version of Hachiro Otomo (Hiro Kanagawa) and sent to help Miko (Kiki Sukezane) he must travel the time bridge to arrive in the future. Malina stops the mega storm that “kills” Noah and she has to flee the scene with Luke when the normals threatens to kill the powerful evo.

Erica manages to turn Tommy/Nathan to her plan, but Katana Girl rescues the teenager when an overconfident Kravid believes that the boy will follow her lies.  Another interesting twist as Miko saves the master of time (Nathan) and not Hiro, whom she rescued the first time around.

Farah and Carlos escape and meet up with Taylor and all the Hero Truther group have to flee from what looks to be hundreds of Harris Primes. Also fleeing are Luke Collins (Zachary Levi) and Malina (Danika Yarosh) as well as Nathan and Miko, who apparently stop by to save Noah from the car.

Things are confusing by the time the end credits roll. Noah, Nathan and Miko are missing and it appears that Ren will be joining the future world of “Gateway” only to find that Katana Girl is not there.  The Japanese gamer may be the one who frees Hiro, again, and it is not certain just yet were The Haitian fits in the scheme of things although he is part of the Hero Truther group.

A grown up Micah Saunders  (played by the same actor who portrayed Saunders as a child in the first iteration of Tim Kring’s Heroes Noah Gray-Cabey) is approached by Matt and it seems the adult version of Micah is just as  powerful.

This is the mid-season finale, or “fall finale” and with three episodes left in the first season and with no news of NBC approving the show for a second outing, there may be  a lot left to resolve when the series returns in January 2016. With only three more episodes to finish the story, Kring will have to amp up the storytelling and weave the many conflicting threads that bit faster.

As NBC has not been overly supportive of its other new show, The Player (just cancelled) Heroes Reborn may not return to resolve outstanding plot points and grey areas yet to be addressed.

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