Heroes Reborn: June 13th Part 2 – Biggest Butterfly (Review)

Heroes Reborn - Season 1

In the second half of the Heroes Reborn two-parter; June 13th Part 2, we finally get the back stories on a number of things. Such as why Tommy has no idea who his “father” is.  There are other things that come full circle and Noah Bennet, with his attempted murder of Erica Kravid, steps on the “biggest butterfly” and this will bite him in the butt “back in the future” where a live Quentin Frady awaits.

It is revealed that Nathan shares more than his uncle’s name, he absorbs the power of evos he comes in contact with, first absorbing mom Claire’s ability to self heal and then Hiro’s time travel and transportation skills.  We witness the “birth” of Miko Otomo, aka Katana Girl, and the apparent death of her “father.”

We also see the moment that Joanne Collins becomes a homicidal maniac, when the freeze evo comes to thank Luke for saving his life at the Odessa bomb site. After attacking the man, who flings her off in self defense, she comes back with some scissors and stabs the evo to death.

Despite best attempts by Hiro, “future” Noah and Angela Petrelli the twins are now in jeopardy because of Bennet’s impulsive assassination attempt on Kravid.  As his past self tells him, he stepped on the biggest butterfly. The ramifications are pretty wide reaching, for example in the future, Phoebe does not kill her brother who is working for Erica. Leaving him to betray Noah by passing on the information about Claire’s twins.

This two parter finishes with enough twists and turns to make the viewer dizzy trying to track each new and old storyline.  On one hand, it was pretty cool to see a Tommy who knew who he was, who his father was,  and could speak fluent Japanese, on the other, it was sad to see what looked like the imminent death of Hiro Nakamura and his betrayer Hachrio Otomo.

It was nice to see the return of Katana Girl and to learn more about Malina’s mentor and bodyguard Farah Nazan, the same woman who pins the label of hero onto Carlos Gutierrez. This action makes Carlos into the hero he later becomes as Farah tells him:

“If you’re uncomfortable with an honor you don’t deserve… live up to it.”

The “war hero” does just that and later tries to save his nephew and the priest as well as stepping in for the real El Vengador.

As Hiro says to Noah, one of them at least, Claire’s father stepped on a huge butterfly.  Tim Kring has woven all the story threads together for an intricate spiderweb of time and destinies. More old faces return, even as more leave, Suresh’s death proceeded the return of Matt Parkman who works for the “dark side.”

Heroes Reborn - Season 1
What will happen to Malina’s powers when she and Nathan meet?

Collins’ backstory, the death of Dennis and Joanne’s murder of the “ice” evo was shocking and revealed so much about the couple.

A real stand out moment was Otomo’s creation of Miko from the game Evernow.  Which brings us back to the question of just where Hiro is in the present and what will happen when his  “son” who has taken Nakamura’s power meets back up with his twin sister.

This was a real mind boggling episode and fans of the series will be wondering just what will happen now that the Quentin Frady “butterfly” has become a minion of Erica Kravid.

Heroes Reborn - Season 1
Hiro with Baby Nathan…

Heroes Reborn airs Thursdays on NBC and continues to weave those storylines. Tune in and see just how much Noah’s butterfly will change the verse and whether Hiro survives his fight with the three Harris Primes…


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