Face Off: Movie Magic Part II Season 9 Finale (Review)

Face Off - Season 9

It has to be said that Face Off, season 9 delivered a great group of artists and the finale, part two of the Movie Magic challenge saw Nora Hewitt take the prize and win for her excellent detail and hard work. Her positive attitude combined with great talent, and her total focus (sometimes so much that she got lost in herself) made this young lady a favorite from day one.

Nora says at the end of the finale that her dad will be so proud of her, he is not the only one, there cannot be many viewers who are not proud of her total professionalism and “go-to” attitude.

Last week saw the three finalists, Evan Hedges, Ben Ploughman and Nora learn about the end challenge. A two character film which they had to create character for to be shot by  director, and Jack of all trades film professional, Patrick Tatopoulos. After they had finished their characters, and had “last looks,” with Patrick doing a camera test and providing feedback, McKenzie Westmore revealed a last minute script change that included another character.

All three had to then come up with an additional creation and Evan had to redo his first two characters based upon the feedback from Tatopoulos at the screen test. The three projects were broken down as The Prey – Nora, Resurrection – Ben and Quarantine Zone – Evan.

Part Two of the Face Off season 9 finale took place initially in the workshops where the trio of finalists worked on the last minute things needed to complete the challenge. The next part of the episode took place “on set.” Filmed on location, at the Polsa Rosa Ranch,  each short film went through last minute adjustments and some creative license initiated by the director.

This was an incredibly exciting finale, filmed at the Santa Clarita Studios “ranch set” and it was easy to see that a lot of care and thought went into each film’s dressing and the scenario of the projects.  The camera work, along with Tatopoulos’ direction and editing, made the most of each contestant’s creations.

By the end of the final episode each one of the finalists were winners. All three brought something to the “table” and could leave the completion with heads held high.  While Nora took the grand prize; the trip, the money and the car, Ben and Evan took away a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work. Evan was especially excited to have participated in his first film project and first time on set.

Face Off - Season 9
(l-r) Glenn Hetricks, Ve Neill, Neville Page

The show’s judges, Ve Neill, Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page, along with McKenzie and Patrick, watched the three short films and the trio of experts quizzed each artist about their film’s characters, backstory and the rational for their makeup. All the judges were also present during the filming of each project.

Face Off - Season 9
McKenzie and Patrick

As Patrick states later, after the shooting of each film, Nora was the most productive on the set and her characters were so well rounded that she was the complete package.  He did state that all the finalists went “above and beyond” but that Hewitt’s creations were the most realized of all the characters.

Face Off - Season 9
The Prey – “victim” Makeup Nora Hewitt
Face Off - Season 9
The Prey  “Predator”  Makeup Nora Hewitt
Face Off - Season 9
The Prey “uber predator” makeup Nora Hewitt

Nora’s creatures all felt like a part of their setting.  The young artist was pretty overwhelmed and got a little teary-eyed, but this confident and assertive contestant never faltered in the finale challenge. Hewitt did, after all, state that she wanted this last test to be her “b*tch.”

And it was.

While the other two finalists delivered, it was Nora’s attention to detail and her professionalism on set that gave her the win. She earned it and at the end when the verdict was read out, everyone seemed pleased for this versatile and super talented artist.  So congratulations to Nora Hewitt for taking the win for season 9.

Face Off - Season 9
Nora Hewitt Season 9 winner, cue confetti

McKenzie Westmore, who has to be the best host/presenter of any reality show on television, reminded the audience that the next season (10) will start in January 2016.  We cannot wait.


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