Stitchers: When Darkness Falls – Halloween Special (preview)

On October 20, the Stitchers “Halloween Special” When Darkness Falls airs on ABC and for fans, it is another chance to re-live that connection with Kirsten, Cameron, Linus and Camille. Sadly, for existing “Stitcher-philes” this stand alone episode will not answer any of the questions left unanswered in the season one finale. On the plus side, this is a brilliant “one off” with a clever plot and it is hard to imagine a better tribute to the world of “trick or treat” via the Stitchers team.

Camille (Allison Scagliottitries to get Kirsten (Emma Ishta) enthused about the upcoming holiday (cue some Camille-like jokes and quips),and  the lads drop by, Cameron (Kyle Harris) and Linus (Ritesh Rajan) to talk costumes for the festivities.  Later, in the lab, a new stitch case arrives. 

A young man is found dead (Jeremy Sumpter) and Kirsten is stitched into the man’s memory. Once there she discovers some disturbing evidence of kidnapping and the “stitch” talking to her. Properly freaked out, Kirsten stops the stitch.

The team have to find the victim and figure just what is going on with Ms. Clark all amidst the backdrop of Halloween and Camille’s killer party.

When Darkness Falls continues the clever writing and fun homages that Stitchers and its team do so well. The opening of the Halloween one off show sort of feels like a nod to the old Charlie’s Angels series open with its multiple character voice over.

Camille, tries to get to Kirsten’s inner scream queen:

Kirsten’s roommate and colleague also has to relocate her “infamous” Halloween party, due her old venue being sold off:

Meanwhile, despite Kirsten’s non-excitable reaction to the season, she is a bit unsettled that the dead man who spoke to her in the stitch seems to be following her:

This is a wonderful chance for fans to get their Stitchers fix while waiting for season two to be produced for 2016. It also lets us see a hale and hearty Cameron and a happy Linus. While there is no connection between this special and the first season, or if there is a connection it is very well hidden, it is great to see the band back together.

Keep an ear out for a few mentions of Oz, one of which Camille makes. There are more treats in store for fans but unfortunately, until the actual review MikesFilmTalk cannot reveal anything else for fears of entering spoiler territory.

Apart from Cameron and the gang, Maggie (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) and Fisher (Damon Dayoub) show up and to get involved with this spooky episode and even Tim from engineering (Cameron Britton) can be seen in the lab. The only other “regular” who does not pop up is Les Turner…

In only two days time Stitchers: When Darkness Falls will air on ABC Family. Prepare to see Kirsten in a new light and for a little surprise here and there in relationships. Kudos to all the cast for delivering a great Halloween special. One last hint about the upcoming episode not everything is what it seems, not even candy corn…

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