Legends and Sean Bean Are Back on TNT

Legends and Sean Bean are back on TNT. The second season begins on November 2 on the network. However, there have been some changes with the show that viewers became addicted to in 2014. The cast roster has been completely turned on its head with a lot of familiar faces now gone. In fact the only other character, and the actor playing him, from season one to return is Tony Rice (played by Morris Chestnut).

10 episodes will continue the story of Bean’s covert operator who learned in season one that his entire life was just another legend. While “Martin Odum” will continue his search for identity, his compadres have changed. Gone are Ali Larter, Tina Majorino and new actors, Ralph Brown (Agent Carter), Ave Zoli (Sons of Anarchy), Steve Kazee (Shameless), Aisling Franciosi (The Fall), Kelly Overton (True Blood) and Klara Issova (Crossing Lines) have joined the operative’s journey of discovery.

Where the first outing of Legends was land-locked in the US, with a few flashback sequences set outside the borders, the new season has been filmed across Europe. Season two opens with Odum (Bean) avoiding authorities for the murder pinned on him at the last of season one. The tortured man and agent will travel across the European continent and England searching for clues to his true identity and will discover some pretty horrific facts that he may wish he had never learned.

While Crystal McGuire has left Martin’s support network, new contact Nina Brenner (played by Kelly Overton) from the CIA and Tony Rice (Chestnut) help Odum in his global quest for the truth. These two lead him to a possible link to his past, Ilyana Crawford and her troubled daughter Kate (Klara Issova and Aisling Franciosi)

Martin learns that he has connections with a retired spook, Terrance Graves (Brown). All he learns begins to clash with his present life and the lie (legend) he has been living. Odum also finds out that he has more than one crime that someone wants to pin on him. Back in 2001 the FBI wanted to arrest him for a different offense entirely.

The older case was run by Agent Curtis Ballard (played by Steve Kazee) and the agents accomplice a Czech police officer Gabrielle Miskova (Winter Ave Zoli). Martin must learn the truth in oder to clear his name and attempt to keep his troubled past from catching up with him.

Legends is adapted from Robert Littell’s award-winning book and is produced by Fox 21. The showrunner is Star Trek: Voyager and Perception executive producer Ken Biller. Other executive producers for the second season are Howard Gordon (Homeland, 24), Homeland and Lie to Me executive producer Alexander Cary and Jonathan Levin (Charmed).

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2 thoughts on “Legends and Sean Bean Are Back on TNT”

    1. Sean’s always looked like that…LOLOL A bit rough around the edges….Seriously though, it’s a shame that the entire cast, sans Chestnut and Bean have been dumped. Although, the nature of the show would make that almost a necessity. Still going to miss Larter and the rest….


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