Dominion: House of Sacrifice “Lucifer is that You?” (Review)

Dominion - Season 2

Last week in Dominion Julian went underground after turning Gabriel into a vessel for darkness “How does it feel Gabriel? Does it tickle?” and the town of Mallory made a reappearance in the plot line. This week picks up after Michael collapses in Vega.

His body lays dormant and he appears in the church of Mallory where he talks to the prophet. Michael’s storyline runs alongside the fight for Vega. Before the end credits roll, Claire will lose her “new man” and David Whele is captured and imprisoned. Erika makes a deal, General Riesen loses again and Michael learns that his big brother Lucifer is alive and well.

All the storylines this week took a step forward toward a season finale that seems to lead to Vega being either moved or reinstated someplace else. As usual, there were plenty of set pieces that featured some brilliant dialogue. The scenes with Nic Bishop (Gates) and Christopher Egan (Alex) were very good as these two had a brilliant chemistry together. Their “not so” good natured banter as they enter the reactor was just perfect.

Setting these two men,  who have the beautiful and strong Claire Riesen (Roxanne McKee) as a common interest, against one another meant for what could have been an excellent “bromance” looked promising.  Sadly, instead of an ultimate Humphrey Bogart/Claude Rains moment and future relationship, Gates does a Captain Kirk and sacrifices himself to save Vega.

In terms of double acts, the scenes with the father/son pair, David (Anthony Head) and William (the newly returned Luke Allen-Gale) went beyond the bounds to include one of  blackest comedic moments in the show. After William’s mind was blasted off into left field somewhere (the chap really does seem to believe he is the Chosen One), David’s joy at finding his offspring still alive and preaching has kept him from seeing just how different William is.


Dominion - Season 2
Anthony Head/Luke Gale father/son reunion.

Granted, the two fought constantly when William was in Vega before but now things have definitely taken a turn for the worse, comically so in one instance. The senior Whele is practically weeping as he tells William just how haunted he has been about leaving his son to possibly die. The younger Whele takes his glass, lifts it and sucks noisily from the straw, completely unimpressed and disinterested at David’s confessions.

*Sidenote*It was also telling that when David, actually weeping apparently, hugs his son, William’s face is devoid of any emotion. Later we learn that Whele junior set his father up to be taken. Payback, as they say, is a b*tch…

It is almost impossible to watch that scene and not burst out into surprised laughter. Not just because of the childish act but David’s decision to ignore it and plunge on with his declaration that he will not abandon his son for a third time. (Something he does rather quickly when he leaves and is arrested by Claire and her troops.)

The battle between Claire’s father, General Riesen, and his “inner angel” becomes a lost  cause when Gabriel discovers the secret of Riesen’s strength and Clementine is dispatched in short order, allowing the angel to rule the new Dyad.  Julian is not present for this episode and it is clear that the darkness has consumed Gabriel…or has it?

Dominon - Season 2
General Riesen/Gabriel – Alan Dale/Carl Beukes.

With the news that Lucifer is alive, well and running his puppet,  “The Prophet,” it may just be that it is Lucifer who is pulling Gabriel’s strings. The new Pinocchio version of the Archangel has a fiery hate for his brother Michael and Lucifer is pretty much synonymous with darkness…Connecting the dots makes it seem that the first fallen angel,  aka Michael’s big brother, just might be moving things along.

By the end of the episode, David kills Kat (Lex King), whom William was going to spare, Gates dies, Michael beats the devil at cards, and Gabriel returns to Vega to drop something off. It is also very apparent that Nomes is going to get a new set of wings. (Apparent in the way of your old professor smacking the blackboard with his pointer repeatedly – “Ouch, my absent wings hurt,” not just once but repeatedly. We get it…Noma is going to get wings again.) 

Nomes getting feathered up would be excellent repayment for her casting off of her previous ones. Like Alex, as Michael says to The Prophet, Nomes is “pure of heart”…and completely smitten with the Chosen One, so much so that she stands aside when she sees Claire back in the picture. Noma also expresses real concern and empathy for Alex when she learns of the baby’s death.

Kudos this week go to Roxanne McKee whose character was so improved with the presence of Gates Foley and her reactions to his death. Nic Bishop won the show’s overall award for selflessly dying to save his Lady Riesen and the town of Vega.

Dominion - Season 2
Roxanne McKee as Claire.

Mad props to the writers this week for allowing another “biblical” bet (think Job here and the wager that the Devil and God made about his faith) where Michael plays his big brother at Texas Hold-Em and wins. The Prophet standing in for Lucifer for the game and  the soon-to-be-loser offering to let the Archangel off lightly if he just folds were nice touches indeed.

Hats off to show creator Vaun Wilmott for continuing to make this a fascinating show with rounded characters that we get immediately attached to. Honorable mentions go to  the  director (Millicent Sheltonof this episode, Roxanne McKee was made to look softer and more beautiful (if that is possible, as it is hard to improve on someone already so gorgeous) for those scene where she declares broccoli is her favorite food. 

*Sidenote* One does wonder how many takes that particular line needed…

Dominion airs Thursdays on SyFy. A series of biblical reference that offers some of the best acting onscreen. Do not pass this one by.

Dominon - Season 2
Carl Beukes, Gabriel before the storm…



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