Falling Skies: Reunion (Review)

Tom Mason in Falling Skies: Reunion
The title of this week’s Falling Skies could very well have been “Oops.” There are a number of moments that word could have been used in Reunion. The episode could also have been titled “Anti-Climatic” as in the whole underwhelming return of Pope. With the end sequence of last week’s episode, revealing a excited John Pope learning that Tom Mason was still alive, this episode could have been a real killer.

The total number of “oops” moments are many. The “falling for the Pope deception” which allows the bald-headed nutcase into the 2nd Mass camp is one. The “taking back the fake Espheni Lexi” is another. Granted, Matt really did not have too much choice as the return of Lexi was an awful lot like the return of Tom Mason…without the water.

Perhaps the biggest oops in the whole episode has to do with that Espheni transmitter. The one that Weaver orders destroyed, “in case it has a homing beacon in it,” says Tom… At the end of the episode, just as the 2nd Mass are ready to mount up and head out, an endless swarm of hornets, or flying skitters (shudder) are heading in to overrun the camp.


Of course there are two ways that the series can go with this storyline. (Perhaps more than two but only a couple make any real sense.) Either Espheni Lexi really was sending information back to the rest of “her race.” Or…The transmitter was sending out a signal one of two ways; whenever Ben accessed the Overlords messages, or it was working as a beacon from the first day.

There was one amusing moment. Ben telling Anne that the geoglyphs in South America were really made by aliens.

The return of Pope was short-lived and very anticlimactic. After such a long buildup and the tease at the end of the last episode, it looked like John Pope was going to pop up like a malefic John-in-the-box and be a real spanner in the works. Instead we are treated to what amounted to a suicide mission by Pope, who must have known this was the case, and a very short fire-fight.

*Sidenote*On the whole Pope “fire-fight:” Why on earth would he and his minions take cover behind a bunch of red barrels? Granted, Pope has lost all his happy-thoughts since the death of Sarah and his new look but seriously? Taking cover in a place with no back door and a front door surrounded by 2nd Mass troops with guns and superior numbers was not the move of a mad-man but a simpleton. Pope may have been desperate since his “surprise” attack when they got in the gate did not result in the death of Tom Mason…but in all honesty, this whole thing felt tacked on. One can imagine the writers looking at the cast of characters and realizing that they needed to close the door on this conflict. Thumb’s down guys, thumb’s down.

Reunion featured one more Dorniya vision for Tom. (This one was quite unsettling actually, Ben in two places worked very well.) The “Lexi” is back storyline was good. Regardless of Tom Mason’s assertion that he never really believed that this Alexis (Scarlett Byrne) was not real, Noah Wylie was very good at showing how much Mason wanted it to be her.

Standout Moment: That split second when Tom is on the shore and the Dorniya can be seen as it really is and not as Rebecca. Pretty impressive and it felt…right. Kudos on this one.

Standout Moment Two: Marty “saving the day” by being a biochemist who fine tunes the Dorniya secret weapon against the Espheni Queen. It was nice to see the man leave his permanent state of “fawn.”

Will Patton’s line as Weaver about Pope gets the “line of the episode” award. When Pope gets into the camp and begins his short-lived attack on Mason, Weaver says, “Like a bad penny.” Weaver also gets the second “line of the episode” with his “We’re not the only one’s looking for the head of the snake.”

*Sidenote* Does anyone else expect John Pope to suddenly appear later? It would make no real sense and it would make his Kurtz impression more like a Michael Myers one, but…after that disappointingly quick exit, it does feel like he may do a “Jason.” Just a thought.

Frustrating Moment:Just when it seemed that this season used up its quota of frustration with the Captain Katie Marshall storyline, the fact that no-one noticed that bandage and her inability to not touch it when stressed, we have the “foot of the giant.” The climatic fight is due to take place in Washington D.C. Of course it’s the Lincoln Memorial…yet it took ages for anyone to work it out. (Okay, to be fair Ben was pretty messed up from the transmitter “meld,” but…Come on!)

The ending of this one leaves little doubt that Tom Mason will be placed in the position of suicide mission to deliver that new Dorniya secret weapon to the queen. Looking into the television crystal ball, it makes sense that the 2nd Mass, and the rest of the militias will be penned down by this all out attack by the Espheni.

After all, the Dorniya did say that without Tom the war would be lost. This sort of makes it seem like he will need to be sacrificed for this war to be won by the humans…and the Volm. (This scenario does two things, it allows Tom Mason to become even more of a hero and it means that the broadcast he made prior to the pull out to D.C. gave the Espheni the locations of all the other militia units.)

*Sidenote* This theory could be wrong, but it does feel like “kamikaze” time here. It may be another member of the Mason family, but the title of the next episode, the finale, is “Reborn.” Is this a clue? What do you think? Suggestions or ideas can be left below in the comment section.

Falling Skies airs Sundays on TNT and the season finale is August 30. Will Tom make it out alive? Tune in to see how this one ends.

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