Dominion: Reap the Whirlwind (Review)

Alex starting to evict Lyrae
Quite possibly the biggest reason that Dominion is so much fun to watch is that no one in this verse is wrapped too tight. It makes a certain amount of sense. This world where not only mankind believe that “God is dead” (that old 1970s mantra that so infuriated the church) but “His” angels as well. When even the “special” kids think the “big guy” has checked out of the hotel it leaves a sort of no holds barred lifestyle and mentality behind.

This week’s episode; Reap the Whirlwind is a difficult watch however. Not just because of these warped power players but also for the culmination of several different plot threads. The possible death of Michael, General Riesen and the almost guaranteed demise of “Nomes” all put a bleak and gloomy pall over the proceedings. Noma, apart from being devoted to Alex, is a “kick-a**” character, if the loss of her wings does kill her Alex will lose his most stalwart supporter and the fans a favorite character.

There are some things that jarred in this episode.


Arika and her plotting against Claire Riesen, who has not a clue about who could be sabotaging her plan to shut down Zoe’s broadcast even though the only person who left the room during her conversation with Gates was Arika. This viper in the nest is coming across as too obvious to not be caught. Not that she is trying too hard to keep her real motives undercover with her “let’s argue with everything that both Claire and Gates want to do” attitude.

David and Zoe: The dynamic between these two just does not work. (Just as her decision to crumple up David’s speech and “speaking from her heart” to win the V1s does not convince.) Like David says, previous to his creating two Vega’s, Holloway was an angry kid with a gun. The new revolutionary leader is too wishy washy and angry to be a leader. I would not follow the kid to the laundromat, let alone to a civil war. (Just saying…) Zoe shooting David in the hand, after he helps her out was annoying. Especially after her little “cutting off hands” spiel beforehand, while not quite mixing metaphors, it was close. Just chop the thing off kid, okay?

Alex: Alex vacillating between supporting Michael and trapping him for Julian combined with his overconfidence in his “evicting” ability makes him the most annoying character in this season. This same fluctuating indecisiveness is what has killed Nomes, maybe, and Michael, possibly. Meanwhile the one higher angel that he wanted dead still lives, albeit as a shackled prisoner of Julian/Lyrae. Alex also got Riesen killed with his “keep the Dyad distracted” plan while he evicted the higher angel. Death, thy name is Alex, aka the Chosen One.

Zoe: Zoe as savior of the V1s. Sorry, but this angry kid with a gun still seems like an angry kid with a gun. Jasper’s story of Zoe “saving” him when he got lost in the tunnels as a child does nothing to make her seem like a “natural born leader” as David states. It sounds more like little Jasper was a bit of a wuss. Sorry mate.

Claire Riesen: Not picking up on Arika’s treachery full stop.

Still, for all the things that do not quite fit or annoy, like the script writers cribbing the Django Unchained line (spoken by Christoph Waltz’s character Dr. Schulz) “Allow me to unring this bell.” Gates paraphrases the line to talk about killing and how once you have done it, “You cannot unring that bell,” and loses the humor of the remark, and the American accents that go all over the place, Dominion is incredibly addictive.

There is something about the whole “God is dead” drill, or as they say in the verse, “Father is dead, or gone.” (Depending upon who is doing the surmising.) The fact that even the angels think the big fellow has taken a powder makes the show compelling. The madness and almost Shakespearean subterfuge and double-crossing between the main protagonists is more than entertaining.

Watching these denizens of Vega and New Delphi rushing to meet their destinies is fascinating. David Whele who wants to be back in power and is so desperate to get there that he puts himself as campaign manager for an “angry kid with a gun.” Claire coming alive now that she has met Gates. Alex getting too big for his evicting boots by trying to kick the angel out of a Dyad.

*Sidenote* Julian/Lyrae does tell Alex that the reason the eviction does not work is that humans are anxious to be rid of their lower angel inhabitants and that his human is perfectly happy for him to be there.

Anthony Head continues to entertain as the devious and self-centered David Whele and it looks like the series may be saying adieu Alan Dale…again. Regardless of those dodgy American accents, Dominion keeps the story moving and while it looks like Nomes may be checking out, the romance between Gates and Claire looks to be a winner.

Dominion airs Thursdays on SyFy.

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    1. It was probably just me. The problem with watching too many films and then recognizing something that doesn’t feel like a nod and wink. I’m not claiming plagiarism just a use of a phrase that, to me, should be used in a humorous context and not seriously as Gates did. Thanks for sharing your views mate, it always helps to someone show their thought process.


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