Dominion: Son of the Fallen (recap and review)

Gabriel and Alex - Dominion
Last week in Dominion Claire and Gates defeated the angel sent to kill her, Gabriel and Michael joined forces and David Whele worked to gain Zoe Holloway’s trust. In Son of the Fallen everything heats up in both Vega and New Delphi and Claire Riesen has more to worry about than just Gabriel.

This week, Michael and Gabriel learn that Julian is Lyrae, Alex remembers the first time he met Michael, David Whele finally gets the upper hand with Zoe and Claire Riesen. Holloway gets a price put on her head, Julian proves that he really cannot be trusted and Michael learns Gabriel cannot be trusted either. Whele takes charge of Zoe’s revolution and plunges Vega into civil war.

Both Archangels are now in New Delphi. Michael searches for Alex while Gabriel litters the area with freshly dead corpses dropped from above. The residents are in a panic running and screaming. Michael tries to convince Alex that Gabriel is not the threat that Julian is.

New Delphi sees Alex, “Nomes,” and General Riesen forcing Julian to play along with their plan to kill Gabriel and he plays for time. Julian wants the amphora back and when he presses his luck Noma threatens to take the lid off killing everyone. Alex points out to the Dyad that they are all willing to die in their quest to kill Gabriel. Julian finally decides to cooperate, he wants Gabriel dead as well, without the amphora’s return.

Alex and Noma go out to see if the area of New Delphi that Julian has earmarked as a trap exists and leave Riesen to look after him. The general does not look or sound well at all and Julian points out that the man may be dying. He offers Riesen the chance to become a Dyad and Edward turns him down telling Julian that he is a monster.

Claire, Arika (Shivani Ghai) and Gates are having a meal and the decision is made to put a dead or alive bounty on Zoe’s head and moments after Lady Riesen puts out the wanted notice, two of her own people attempt to shoot her down. David actually saves her life by shooting one of the assailants in the back as he takes aim at Holloway.

Jasper is badly injured in the attack and Zoe agrees to send David to negotiate some medical attention for him. Julian gets away from Edward, (*Sidenote* Line of the episode goes to Alan Dale’s character for the “I don’t know whether it was the angel or the human part but I think one of them just kicked my a**.) and Noma has guaranteed that the amphora is safe, unfortunately, as she points out to Riesen, Alex is not.

Arika agrees to meet with Whele, to keep Claire safe, and Lady Riesen lets Arika sit in for her. Julian stops Alex and talks him into trapping Michael, which will allow him to then kill Gabriel. David and Arika meet and after they get rid of Zoe’s soldier, he tells Arika what is in that crate; C4.

By the end of their very short negotiation, David reveals Zoe’s plans and Arika tells him that the C4 needs to be returned to them. His reward is to be reinstated to V3 or above and to be exonerated of all charges. Michael injures Gabriel, after the latter set the New Delphi alarm system to lock everyone in, so that he cannot harm Alex.

Alex traps Michael in order to lure Gabriel into the trap. There is a brief altercation, where Gabriel proves that even injured he is too powerful for Alex and Noma. Just as Gabriel moves to kill Alex, Julian shows up with his men who overpower Gabriel.

David kills his guard, while Jasper sleeps, and Claire is seen by doctor Daria after a scare in the tower control room. Gates now knows that Lady Riesen is pregnant and he apologizes for kissing her. He also reveals that he knows it cannot be William Whele’s offspring.

Claire talks to David who has the C4. As Whele sits in the truck full of explosive, Riesen tries to get him to bring the stuff back to her. David tells her that being a V1 taught him something. Claire believes he intends to blow her up and Jasper catches up to David who tells him that he does not have long left, why not “go out with a bang.” Zoe’s number two gets in the truck with David and the C4.

Julian tells Michael that he is Lyrae. Gabriel breaks free and is brought down by an Empyrean steel net. As he struggles against his bonds and falls to the ground, Michael escapes his net and gets away.

Arika reveals that she may be on the team, but she is not a fan of Lady Riesen, she is there to make room for the women of Helena. Alex finds the knife that Michael gave him as a child, the archangel used it to get out of the net, and he turns to Noma, “What have I done,” he asks.

David, with Jasper’s help, (Just how persuasive is Whele? Jasper has been dying to put a bullet into David ever since Zoe grabbed him.) plants the C4 not under Claire but in the tunnels. The resulting explosion tears the city in half, creating two Vega’s and separating the elite from their food supply. Lady Riesen has the last word when she states that Whele just started a civil war.

David Whele has always been the most conniving of baddies in the show, his plan now allows him to move back up the food chain. Claire Riesen may have thought her banishing David to the V1’s was her best move, but that appears to be incorrect. The best thing to happen to David was the banishment, it has allowed him to “gird his loins” and begin to take the power he so dearly wants back.

Alex has realized that Julian tricked him and that he has put Michael in danger. Despite his trapping of Michael, Alex will be forgiven. As Gabriel himself said, nothing that the Chosen One could do will ever turn Michael against him. Julian now has Gabriel but not Michael, who he really wanted to punish, and now all that remains is for him to use brother against brother. Or to at least lure Michael back using Gabriel as bait.

While that will most likely not happen, as Gabriel also pointed out, Michael always choses Alex over family…always, it does seem the most logical course of action for the Dyad. Claire’s pregnancy is now in the open, with Gates. The way he apparently feels about the leader of Vega might result in his apologizing for much more than a kiss later on.

General Riesen looks to be in trouble health-wise and Arika is well placed to create that room needed for refugees from Helena. David Whele looks set to take over Zoe Holloway’s revolution and begin laying the groundwork needed to wrest all of Vega away from Claire. Michael is licking his wounds and Alex might just realize that he needs to forgive Michael and move on.

Dominion airs Thursdays on SyFy and feels almost like a Shakespearean type tale of upper and lower angels, a sort of Upstairs, Downstairs with a touch of King Lear and possibly Hamlet, or (fill in Shakespearian tragedy here). Plenty of twists, turns, and a plot that asks if “father” is ever going to come back home. Great television.

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