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Darlene and Mr Robot at the bar
After last week’s Mr Robot “uber downer” episode, Shayla in the trunk of that car is an image that will never quite go away, eps1.6_v1ew-s0urce.flv rings the changes and picks up the pace. While the start of the episode shows the Elliot version of “meeting cute” where he relives the first time Shayla interacted with him. “Keep the fish ya filthy animal,” as an exit line from a girl who could quote Home Alone and make it funnier made last week’s death all the more tragic. Never mind the “you might be worth a psychopath” quip.

Moving ahead the show focussed on Angela and her Evil Corp crusade. Her path, now that she has taken the fork of her choice (see the episode where she moves back home – Exploits), is to take down the big ‘E’ and her “cutting off Allsafe’s nose to spite her face” does not go down well with boss Gideon. Elliot’s best friend may be developing a back bone and mounting a metaphorical steed to launch herself at the corporate windmill, but she is learning that evil acts have a normal and mundane face.

She asks Colby what happened at the meeting where they decided to let her mother and Elliot’s father die. Shrimp cocktail and booze and the executives being angry at having the shrimp twice in one day. Death, at Evil Corp, is boring routine and Angela is disgusted and upset that the meeting did not have significant meaning. Angela does get a confession from Colby that afterward they did “have pause” over the decision, but it is obvious that this is not enough for the girl.

Tyrell Wellick Moment Number One:

Three of his team are talking trash in his office. It is all about using sex to climb the corporate ladder, both male and female. The talk turns to assistants using gay sex to get ahead. Wellick listens, face blank, mouth turned down at the corners and he says nothing. The viewer already knows that Tyrell bats for both sides in term of power plays. Suddenly he asks Dwight about his kids. The man replies that he has no idea as he sent them off to Lawrence (private school). Smiling, Tyrell says, “Lawrence? You’ll never be able to afford that tuition on unemployment.” Dwight says, “Sorry?”

“You’re fired,” Wellick screams. Dwight laughs nervously and Tyrell tells the three men that they are all fired. “What did we do,” one asks. “Nothing,” Tyrell replies with a sigh. This is hint number one that Wellick has not vented his rage over Scott Knowles, and his wife Sharon, besting him in the executive stakes. Apparently, Wellick could not find another bum willing to be attacked for money.

Mr Robot and Romero have a moment. The fsociety leader shows up at Romero’s who thinks that “one of those high schoolers who stole my ma’s chaise lounge” came back. He comes out armed with a revolver that he tosses on a table when he sees that Mr Robot is his visitor. Romero tells him that he is done, they tried and failed. He wants to focus on his THC body oil business. In prior episodes, Romero clearly is head and shoulders above the rest of the group…in his mind. Elliot points out that the man is a walking negative.

Romero is smart but not overly clever with reading people. When Mr Robot tells Romero that he is borderline pissing him off, Romero makes an aggressive move against the fsociety leader. Getting in the other man’s face, Romero asks just what Robot will do if he decides to cross that border. Mr Robot’s response is to ask the other man to look at his face, “We both know I’m crazy,” he says, “and not the cute kind either.” Knocking a vial of THC laced body lotion off the table, he pulls a gun, cocks it and puts the barrel on Romero’s forehead.

After telling Romero that he is “too crazy to say no to,” Mr Robot presses the gun tight to Romero’s forehead and yells, “Bang!” Laughing, Robot says, “Look on your face was priceless,” and he throws the gun on the table, “see you at the arcade,” he says on his way out.

Darlene and Cisco meet in the park and he is angry that she approached Whiterose using his “sh*t.” He then goes on to tell her that they are through. He also reveals that what Darlene did worked; Whiterose has agreed to meet.

Tyrell Wellick Moment Two:

At Evil Corp Scott Knowles is announced as the new CTO at a formal party and Tyrell, after getting a bit of encouragement from his wife, moves in on Sharon Knowles. After a bit of verbal sparring, he tells her to meet him on the roof, “take the back staircase,” Tyrell tells her adding that the cameras are out. The atmosphere between the two is full of sexual tension, unresolved and begging to be consummated.

A brief intermission shows Angela being told off by Gideon for her decision to testify and then it is back to that roof.

Sharon meets Tyrell and she plays the trump card. He calls her play and kisses her, hard. She responds and for a moment, when they sink to the aggregate roof, it appears that they will have sex. Tyrell, however, chooses throat squeezing over coitus. As Sharon desperately struggles, Wellick chokes the life out of the new CTO’s wife.

After he has killed her, Tyrell claps his hands over his mouth and begins to cry. He moves away from the body and then moves back taking what appears to be a wet wipe from his pocket. Leaning over Sharon’s face he wipes her lips, taking away any DNA evidence left over from their kissing prior to his choking her to death.

Ollie learns that Cisco is not done with him and Darlene talks Trenton into coming back to fsociety. Elliot goes to see Krista and “tells her the truth.” This consists of his telling Gordon all he has learned about her by hacking her and revealing that he watches her cry via her webcam. As the therapist sits in shock, Elliot ends his monologue saying “I want a way out of the loneliness, just like you. Is that what you wanted to hear?”

This week, Elliot and fsociety took the backseat and allowed American Psycho Wellick to take the kid gloves off and commit murder. No beating up unemployed down and out’s in the alley, but straight up strangling the life out of the man’s wife who took CTO from him. Oddly enough, Tyrell did not throw the body off the building but left Sharon’s lifeless corpse laying in the gravel on the roof.

Wellick may have wiped off his saliva from Sharon’s lips but he could still be caught, despite the camera’s being off, which may change the whole ballgame. If Wellick is gone, Elliot will have a lot less to worry about. While it looks like fsociety are back on track to take down, or at least headed that way, E Corp, Mr Robot’s show of lunacy has changed the face of what they are doing.

Christian Slater was brilliant in the Romero scene, full stop. This episode, however, was an equal share out between Portia Doubleday and Martin Wallström in the performance stakes. Doubleday has gone through a great character arc in minimal time and Wallström leapt forward in his journey proving that Tyrell has always had those homicidal urges it just took the right motivation to bring them out.

This week saw less of the computer side of things, although what was there was informatively humorous. The view code signs “I fear sex,” “I lie,” and so on were funny and once again gives the viewer an insight on how Elliot thinks. There was not much time spent mourning Shayla’s death, just enough to make it sting. Now that corporate murder has been added to the potential fsociety mayhem, versus the non-corporate killing of Shayla, the show has thrown down the gauntlet ready to take on all challengers, a bit like Mr Robot and Tyrell Wellick. Mr Robot airs Wednesdays on USA and it is moving forward at a rapid pace, don’t miss it.

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