The Last Ship: Alone and Unafraid (recap and review)

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In the previous episode of The Last Ship two of the three teams had infiltrated the “Chosen” camp and met the “new” president and XO Slattery ordered the comms buoy blown up, in Alone and Unafraid Chandler has gotten himself close to the president. Green and Tex are on a convoy with Niels who is up to something and Wolf-Man is trying to keep track of it all for Slattery.

Like other excursions in this season, the action in Alone and Unafraid is pretty impressive. While it took at least one other episode to build up to this segment’s “big fight” (and at least half of this episode) the payoff was some excellent edge of the seat viewing. After Chandler, who orchestrated the whole thing with Burk and Ravit’s help, gets to guard the new president, they then set up a rescue for the country’s new commander-in-chief.

After setting up a possible threat, Ramsey’s team, and Chandler (who tells the mercenary that his name is Tommy) take the former Secretary Michener through the convention hall kitchens. As they enter Burk and Ravit strike and together with Chandler they fight a pretty spirited battle with the mercenaries. The conflict is savage and drawn out. Burk takes out one baddie with a broken mop handle through the chest and Ravit takes out another one with a couple of forks.

Chandler takes out his group with armed flair and then goes head to head with the last one standing. After winning, he then delivers the coup de grace to the wounded mercenaries who reach for their weapons. The “president” reluctantly allows himself to be escorted from the building. Outside the convention center, Wolf-Man snipes guards who get in the way and clears a path for Chandler, Burk, Ravit and Michener.

Tex, who Niels sort of recognizes (as Patient Zero queries Tex about where he may have met him, the man tells Niels to leave him alone as, “You’re kind of creeping me out, man.” In that instant, Tex and Ned are ethereal twins who share their discomfort at being around Niels.

Both men are right to be disturbed about Niels. The thing that Danny saw the man working on was a virus delivery system to be put in children’s cuddly toys. After the two men grab Niels and his deadly teddy bears and rejoin Chandler’s team and Wolf-Man, Green destroys the viral toys with fire.

Niels has been shot, during the fracas against the work detail meant to deliver the viral payload, Ned was shot in the face as well. Later, the bloodied brother of Sean will demand that his “bruv” take care of that ship.

Back on the Nathan James, XO Slattery and the crew are playing a tense game of cat and mouse where the destroyer has to find a quiet spot to release the “helo” aka, helicopter. It will need to collect Chandler and his team along with the president. The sub’s crew, between bickering and stopping just shy of fisticuffs, are trying to track the Nathan James to blow her out of the water.

Once the three teams regroup at the pick up point, a truckload of mercenaries arrives and they have to fight their way to the chopper. The Navy cuts the soldier’s for hire down pretty easily and once they board, Tex asks who the passenger is. Chandler says that Michener is the Commander and Chief and Tex’s look of disbelief says it all.

Back on the Nathan James, it is apparent that Michener is more of a “believer” (part of Ramsey’s “Chosen” schtick) and less of a presidential reality. He is escorted very much against his will deeper into the ship and Slattery also questions the man’s motives.

Back at the convention center, Ned heckles Sean and once again demands that he do something about the ship. He also makes it clear that they should just “nuke” the US, a country full of “ungrateful buggers.” *The writers are still having a hey day getting all that Brit dialogue spot on.*

Sean looks pretty irate which is not surprising since his “ace in the hole” has been snatched out right out from under this proverbial nose. Ned has always been for blowing up the Nathan James, killing the crew and turning America into a nuclear wasteland. It remains to be seen just how much Sean will take on from baby brother Ned’s suggestions.

Once again, The Last Ship gave viewers a great action filled (continuing) storyline. Producer, and star, Eric Dane keeps giving the same sturdy performance and it is plain that he was born to play this type of role. Adam Baldwin shows that he can still pack a punch into whatever performance he gives no matter how small the screen time and Ebon Moss-Bachrach should get some sort of gong, an Emmy or something, for his portrayal of Niels.

Kudos again for the writers of the show and for the two actors playing those bickering Brit’s the Ramsey brothers; Brían F. O’Byrne (Sean) and Nick Court (Ned) these two chaps are value for money and without their spot on portrayal, the mercenaries would take on a comic book air of villainy versus the real deal the actor’s help bring.

Now that Michener is on board the Nathan James and Niels has been caught (and his disgusting toys destroyed) perhaps the destroyer can sink that sub, although not too soon, yeah? Those Ramsey’s and their crew make a pretty good group of villains, bruv. The Last Ship airs Sundays on TNT don’t miss it or you’ll be a muppet…Yeah?

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