Mr Robot: eps1.2_d3bug.mkv (r3c4p and rev13w)

Tyrell Willick from Mr Robot and Evil Corp
Last week’s episode of Mr Robot, esp.1.1_ones-and-zer0es.mpeg had Elliot being pushed off the high pier by Mr Robot and eps1.2_d3bug.mkv starts off not with Alderson, but with Willick. The Evil Corp exec turns out to be a class A predator, a sort of American Psycho clone who uses violence as therapy, he pays a homeless man to be beaten by him when the CTO position looks to be filled by someone else.

Elliot comes to in the hospital to find Shayla and Krista Gordon standing at the foot of his bed. His drug dealer is there as emergency next of kin and he asked for Krista when he was checked in. After a short Q&A with his therapist, he agrees to participate in drug tests on a regular basis. There is a method to his madness, Elliot knows he can hack the hospital data base easily and fake his test results. He also promises to keep off the morphine, something that he proves to be a lie upon his release.

Back at his apartment building he and Shayla stand outside their flats and she asks if he had anything to do with Fernando,her supplier and the man who raped her, being busted. He says no. Shayla then notices that the doorknob on Elliot’s door is missing and when the two enter, they find Darlene inside. She points out that he needs to “spend a bit more scratch” to get a better system for his door and shows him a magazine article that says Jessica Alba wants to join fsociety.

Elliot kicks Darlene out of his flat.

Ollie is under increasing pressure to load the hacker CD at AllSafe; he has a deadline of 100 hours to infect the computer system at work. After a briefing by his boss Gideon, the security team get an invite to dinner and Elliot says no initially. The two men have a private chat and Alderson smooths things over. Heading back to his desk Elliot sees Mr Robot sitting in his chair. After a brusque interaction, the two head to a bar next to the building for a chat.

In the bar, Robot apologizes for pushing Elliot off the pier but the hacker does not believe him. Mr Robot leaves saying that without Elliot, there is no plan. Alderson thinks he has been given a chance at a “normal” existence; drinking vanilla lattes, “hearting” Instagram posts and asking Shayla to be his girlfriend. He goes back to work and accepts the dinner invitation.

At AllSafe, Ollie is about to load the CD when Angela comes up. He quickly takes the disc out of the tray and the two leave work. Willick is having a conversation with his pregnant wife or girlfriend before he goes out. He tells her not to “stay up.”

Elliot asks Shayla to be his girlfriend and learns that despite his hacking her accounts, he really did not know everything about her. The drug dealer is quite creative and seems to be gifted in the area of fashion design. They head to the dinner and during the evening Alderson and Gordon bond further and the man gives Elliot a hug.

Angela and Elliot talk and his best friend recalls wanting to be Claudia Kincaid from The Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler when she was little and he talks about getting lost back when there were no Google maps. Elliot muses that he could get used to the “normal life” when he gets a text.

He turns on the television.

A news report about Colby, the sacrificial lamb set up by fsociety earlier, is now being touted as the man responsible for the many company deaths of Evil Corp employees from leukemia. Mr. Robot has dangled the one bit of bait that Elliot is incapable of ignoring and his short-lived dream of living a normal life is shattered.

Tyrell heads to a gay bar, picks up Anwar and has sex with him in order to bug the man’s phone. Willick is not just a predator, but a sexual predator and omni-sexual creature. It is easy to see that with the “wannabe” CTO of Evil Corp, sex is just another weapon or tool to get what he wants.

Ollie confesses to Angela about the CD and his dalliance with Rebecca. At first she wants to leave him but after a little thought decides to stick with the love rat and infect the company as required. Angela is terrified that if they do not, she and her father will lose everything from identity theft. Ollie is not too keen on the plan and the two decide to work on a solution together.

As the strains of an operatic solo begins Gideon discovers the bug for fsociety that Elliot left on the server and makes a call. Tyrell is forced to have 50 Shades of Grey sex with his wife and she tells him to invite new CTO Scott Knowles to dinner. The opera reaches a crescendo as Elliot heads to the arcade and, with the rest of the team watching, sets up his laptop saying, “Here is the plan.”

In this episode of Mr Robot Elliot discusses bugs, which he equates to secrets or hidden messages. As he ruminates throughout the show about debugging and discovering bugs, he also takes a moment to consider being normal. The scene where he asks Shayla to be his girlfriend and discovers her “bug” or that “hidden maze” that he speaks of during the episode is touching and shows that not everything that the hacker does is all encompassing. The human factor, which he has issues with, eludes him.

The idea that the Christian Slater character Mr Robot is actually Elliot’s invisible friend or a schizophrenic hallucination or another personality of his own making teases the viewer enough to keep things interesting. Tyrell Willick is turing into a very multifaceted bad guy and one to keep an eye on. This young exec wants to win at any cost and if he discovers Elliot’s complicity in fsociety’s plan, things will get very ugly.

Mr Robot continues to be “in the now” and a show that places emphasis on the new reality. Rami Malek still rocks it as Elliot and his voice over makes the show work on so many levels. Christian Slater is excellent as the shadowy Mr Robot and Martin Wallström is suitably disturbing as the Evil Corp baddie. Portia Doubleday is getting into her part as Angela well enough that the character is becoming a favorite and Carly Chaikin is perfect as Shayla. Catch the show on USA network Wednesdays and later on-demand. Simply great TV this and not to be missed as Elliot Alderson and Mr Robot are both addictive as the morphine that the schizophrenic hacker ingests.

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