Defiance: History Rhymes (recap and review)

Alak attacking Rahm Tak in Defiance

In last week’s episode of Defiance Nolan and his daughter had collapsed, the irritated looking half circle scars on their foreheads generated enough pain to knock them both out. Joshua was lucky enough to have Amanda there but Irisa was left in the snow filled alley; alone. Defiance this week, in History Rhymes, has Nolan on the doctor’s table and his daughter and Joshua are sharing an inadvertent walk down memory lane.

It is the Joshua Nolan This is Your Life story beginning with him as a youngster with his sister Rebecca after a bully has bloodied the youngster’s nose. Then he and Irisa are present when an older Nolan makes a mistake that gets Rebecca killed. The memories then change to those of Irisa’s and both of them learn more about the true nature of the other.

Stahma reveals to Datak that the older Omec get the more powerful they are and this in turn makes them harder to kill. Her husband swears that he will shoot T’evgin in the head and kill him since the poison did not work. Stahma goes back to T’evgin to talk him into killing Rahm Tak to free her son Alak. He refuses.

The doctor tells Amanda that Nolan and Irisa must be brought together so she can operate on them to remove the artek from their brains or they will die. She reveals that the surgery will only work if she can access an Omec drone which will allow her to cut out the “tumors” at the same time.

Alak finally escapes from Rahm Tak on his own after the general hires a human mercenary sniper to help him to take out Defiance. After the operation, which T’evgin’s daughter sanctioned saying that the scales are now even, the doctor reveals that the arteks could not be removed so she repaired them. Nolan and Irisa have to stay close together to live.

The shared visions of the two made them realize that they should be apart, although Nolan is not happy at the idea and now Irisa is angry that she has to stay at her father’s side. Alak returns home and Stahma’s joy at seeing her son is cut short when he grabs his mother and holds a knife to her throat. In his eyes, she murdered his human wife and it looks like he will kill her in turn.

Defiance is another show that uses humor in a subtle way. Rahm Tak’s obsession with all things human continues to entertain. His line to Lt. Bebe about the Little Shop of Horrors and Audrey was slipped in as an aside and made all the more amusing because of it. The line also works to show that this fascination with human culture may just be his downfall.

The reveal that Irisa was and is scared of her adoptive father is not too surprising, the idea that she hates killing is also no real shock considering her refusal to do so in this season. Thus far the most ironic part of Defiance is the immediate popularity of the feared Omec. Stahma wants T’evgin to kill Rahm Tak and the doctor had to ask his daughter’s permission to save Nolan and Irisa.

Now all that remains is to see if Alak really will slit Stahma’s throat. Defiance is part of the SyFy Friday line up.

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