The Last Ship TNT Season 2 Premiere (recap/review)

Poster for The Last Ship
After last season’s finale of The Last Ship saw the ship taken over by former Congresswoman Granderson, who elected herself Baltimore leader after the established hierarchy died from the pandemic, and all of Chandler’s crew captured by her troopers, the TNT season 2 premiere takes up the story. Dr. Scott has been captured, along with Granderson’s own daughter and made a prisoner in Avocet where the woman expects the scientist to cooperate with making the primordial vaccine for the privileged few.

Chandler has escaped with his remaining family and a small contingent of men and he heads to the people burning power station to shut it down. Mike Slattery, the ship’s doctor and a few others are trying to keep Quincy alive and the doc takes the vial of primordial and hides it in his medical kit.

Dropping off his father and two kids, Chandler and his men take control of the power station and meets the leader of the “resistance” Thorwald and the two men agree to join forces to take Amy Granderson and Avocet down as well as get Chandler’s crew and ship back.

At the house, Chandler’s son is sick and his sister is getting worried. Scott talks Granderson into letting her treat some of the regular people and not waste the vaccine on healthy residents of Avocet. Tex learns what is really going on with Granderson from a local and he heads into the company grounds to find out first hand how he can help.

In last season’s finale, the crew of the Nathan James who were not taken back on board and held hostage, are horrified to learn how Granderson is keeping the lights on and Scott, in the first half of the season 2 premiere, Unreal City is horrified to see that there are people from Avocet selling false cures to the main population not considered worthy of saving by Amy Granderson.

On the destroyer a few men have gotten free and are trying to gain control of the armory and take out the troopers. In Fight the Ship Lt. Foster is strapped on an operating table and Granderson’s lead scientist is about to shove a needle into her fetus to make their own vaccine when the lights go out.

Chandler and Thorwald have cut the power and Dr. Scott, along with Tex, come in to rescue Foster just after she deals a little poetic justice to Granderson’s expert. Chandler’s plan is working, Granderson pulls out troopers from Avocet and the Nathan James to get the power back on, leaving both the ship and her headquarters vulnerable.

By the time the end credits roll, Chandler has won. Granderson steps down permanently after declaring she was not a monster and Thorwald bites the big one. Adam Baldwin gets to prove once more that any character he plays is the biggest bull in the woods and for the time being there is a respite for all those who have survived Amy Granderson and Baltimore.

As it stands, the Nathan James lost a few crew members but the survivors have drawn closer together and shown that they can work through anything. Eric Dane still exudes that quiet authority despite losing his wife to the flu. While that is hard on his character, it works well for the show’s plot line since it looks like Rhona Mitra’s Dr. Scott will definitely become a romantic interest to Chandler at some point.

TNT have done well with their post apocalyptic thriller and season 2 has gotten off to a cracking start. All the main characters are being brought to life by the actors playing them and the audience is beginning to care about more than the “top three.” There was enough action and shootouts to please viewers that are more action oriented. The Last Ship airs Sundays on TNT.

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