Kristen Stewart Taking a Break From the Boys Says Mom

Kristen Stewart and Alicia Cargile

The Internet is full of the news that Kristen Stewart is apparently taking a break from “the boys” and is dating her personal assistant Alicia Cargile, her mom says it is true as well. Jules Stewart, mother of Snow White and the Huntsman actress spoke to England’s Sunday Mirror where she told the publication that she was happy for her child. The move from one gender to the other makes a lot of sense for Stewart.

So far she has not had a lot of luck with the fellas. While the 25 year old former Twilight star spent a lot of her time dating co-star Robert Pattinson as filming continued in the sparkling vampires saga, when she moved on to the world of fairytales, the romance fizzled. The five year relationship’s death was helped along by the fact that Stewart was playing away with the director of Snow White and the Huntsman Rupert Sanders.

Her shift to Alicia may be the best thing for her in the romance department. Apparently the two ladies have been an item for a while now as rumors were flying around as long ago as last September. Mom Jules is comfortable with her daughter’s bisexuality and intimated that if Kristen was gay it would not bother her either. Both points of view get a hearty well done for being grown up and liberal enough to accept that her offspring’s sexuality is not open for debate or criticism.

While it looks like Kristen is still friendly with her former lover, 29 year-old Patterson not Sanders, the negative publicity of her affair with the director and the very public scrutiny of her time with Robert has resulted in a shift for Stewart.

Mom Julie did say that she was sad about the end of Stewart and Pattinson, mainly because the affair never had a chance with all the attention from the public. Whether Kristen’s turn to other side of the fence will be destroyed by media’s preoccupation with her love life, remains to be seen. Regardless of how it turns out, hopefully the past mistakes made by the Clouds of Sils Maria star can be forgotten and she will be allowed to have a loving relationship with whomever she wants, in this case with Alicia Cargile.

Good luck Kristen.

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