Honeybee Decline Mystery Solved?

Honeybee image from wiki imagesWhile many of the world’s experts have blamed the mysterious, and disturbing, honeybee decline on a combination of chemicals and disease, biologists may have solved why the pollinating creatures are dying off. It is, they say, down to a single cell organism which acts as a parasite and infects the larvae of the insects.

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14 thoughts on “Honeybee Decline Mystery Solved?”

      1. I thought I would die without my morning OJ … but I seem to have survived. Oddly, I can eat fresh grapefruit, but not drink the juice. And not a lot. Just a little bit. Sometimes.

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    1. Very true. Also the idea that this fungal thing has been around for awhile now. It looks like even though at one point it was treated it has hung in there and threatening everything. Mind you, having said that, there are other ways of pollinating…all though not as effectively as our little friends…


      1. This reminds me of the argument by people I met in Phoenix who says when the water runs out, they will merely pipe it in from the Great Lakes. So … how’s that pipeline coming?

        And how are those treatment for the ailing bees and pollination alternatives coming? Ready to go before the famine begins?

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      2. Regardless of whether or not the cause for the decline has indeed been found, the bees, as you point out, are still in trouble and so are we. If they can prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the fungus is the culprit, they have not mentioned a cure. In all likelihood, these creatures so important to our ecosystem and survival of plants, flowers, etc, will become as extinct as the dodo bird. Or, those ants taken over by the zombie fungus…rather sobering eh…


      3. People don’t seem to realize how ultimately dependent we are on little things … like bees and birds and butterflies. I hope we don’t have to learn the hard way. Or die because we are, as a species, smart yet clueless.

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      4. Reminds me of me, trying to keep down my intake of tylenol, lest I survive five kinds of heart surgery only to die of liver failure form overdosing on tylenol. Smart, yet clueless.


      5. lol I know how you feel…well almost. I’ve only had two different kinds of heart surgery, but your tylenol tale reminds me of the total paranoia I had about grapefruit. Two of my medications stated that I should avoid it. I stayed away from the fresh grapefruit aisle as Tesco for weeks… 😉


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