Agents of SHIELD Two Part Finale…It’s Science Beehotch!

Agents of SHIELD
Okay, so it has been a far number of days since the season two finale of Agents of SHIELD was aired on television, but wow! What a finish. In a nutshell, Phil gives an arm to save the world and Skye/Daisy. Raina puts her life on the line, and loses it, to prove that Jiaying is a murderous nut-job. Hunter comes to Bobbi’s rescue after she takes one for her ex in the process. Agent Ward loses someone he actually cared for and Simmons is consumed by her work…literally. On top of all this, Hydra has a new leader and that artifact crystal hybrid in the bottom of the ocean is now available in an Omega 3 supplement near you.

On a sidenote, Kyle MacLachlen almost stole the show as Daisy’s daddy, when he changes sides.

How all encompassing is that? This two part finish was well worth the wait. The entire first season of this small screen Marvel series had a tough time gaining and keeping fans. With an expectation that all or some of the avengers would be making weekly cameos in the show.

Considering that the last time I watched the show, Agent Triplett was cancelled from SHIELD with extreme prejudice by the same power that changed Raina and Skye, my reintroduction to the Marvel telly verse was full of surprise. One of the biggest surprises over the course of this two part finale was the script’s sharing of clever dialogue.

Usually Phil gets the best, and most amusing, lines in the episodes. The second half of the season’s end was full of amusing quips. Lincoln telling Melinda May, “We are not bad, we’re mislead,” while stopping her from shooting Alisha. Mac also has a fair number of one-liners. Mainly the interchange with Gordon. Mac, “What’s your name?” Gordon, “Gordon and who are you?” Mac, “The guy who kills Gordon.”

Although later, in further interaction with the eyeless villain, it is Fitz who gets the prize for cool quip of the episode. When Gordon finds his transporting abilities hindered, he expresses his amazement at how this is possible. Leo responds, “It’s science beehotch!” Hands down the best line of the show.

Mac does come a close second with his, “And I thought my mom was bad when she began to watch Fox News.” Phil still got his far share of amusing lines in and almost tied with Mac for second place in the run up to the big battle with “no-eyes” Gordon. As he and Fitz run in to help set up the disruptors, a battered Mac says something along the lines of “it’s about time,” Phil responds, “It’s a big ship with poor signage…” Another great one from the head of SHIELD.

If you have not watched this finale read no further! Big time spoiler ahead…

By the end of this double header episode, things have changed yet again in the small screen Marvel-verse and has left things wide open for a big increase in non-humans. Both Calvin Zabo retiring as a veterinarian, payment for his coming to the aid of SHIELD, and Phil possibly being stuck with the nickname of Stumpy pall in comparison with Simmons’ apparent demise.

It will be interesting to see what season three will bring, what with Skye’s new division being a secret part of SHIELD and Ward having taken over HYDRA. Not to mention all those “healthy” fish oil supplements…

While waiting for the new season to air on ABC, it may behove me to binge watch season two and pick up all the episodes missed. Agents of SHIELD has definitely graduated from its first season meandering to become one of my favorites on television.

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13 thoughts on “Agents of SHIELD Two Part Finale…It’s Science Beehotch!”

  1. Ah Mike, didn’t know you liked AoS. Can’t believe you gave up around midway through season 2 and just skipped to the finale. There was SO much juicy stuff inbetween! I have defended this show from the beginning and while it certainly took a while to find its groove in the first season, it certainly got its act together in season two and once Skye got her powers and the Inhumans started taking center stage things definitely started getting more interesting. There were more comic book references, expanding of the MCU and lovely intimate moments between the all of the characters involved. There was a lot of good character development for Skye, Coulson, Cal, Bobbi and Hunter, Fitz and Simmons, and Ward (so pretty much everyone in the main cast).


    1. I”ve been a fan since season one when everyone was moaning about the show and the lack of big screen cameos. I did not desert the show as much as was forced to drop it as my access to the Internet and television came to a screeching halt when I left GLV, who still owe me money but at least I’m not in jail for things that the publisher and his shady lawyer partner were cooking up…Sorry, still annoyed at that one.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Good to hear that you were a long term supporter of the show 🙂 Oh and wow I did not know that, sounds like troublesome situation, I guess you may have covered that in one of your former blog posts that I may have missed? I only have time to look at so many considering my job takes me away my free time these days.


    1. I was shocked when I finally got to see the season finale! So much had changed, especially the appearance of Raina! Yeah, I’ve got to go back and watch the ones I missed! 🙂


      1. I know quite a number of folks who fell out with the show in the first season and by the time the second came up could care less about the small screen Marvel-verse. I just like Phil Coulson and have a slight crush on Skye…LOLOL


      2. Perhaps if I’d not been forced to stop watching I would have done the same! I do know that things must have gotten awfully changed about when it turned out that Skye’s mum wasn’t dead after all…Oh well, perhaps next season…LOL


      3. Mind you, there are so many that I really enjoyed, other shows I mean, like The Following which now seems have been given the axe…I will have to find some new faves…


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