Getting My Mojo Back…Sort Of

Trailer for my new channel

Trailer for my new channel

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but I’m getting my Mojo back…sort of. For a good while I had a fair presence on the Internet. My blog and two channels on YouTube where I talked about film, one of which was a co-channel with my daughter, who now has a new channel – Critique Quest. On a side note, if you’ve not seen her channel, head on over and subscribe…tell her I sent ya.

My time spent working for the Internet publication that “shall not be named” (Thanks for that little quote Marilyn!) suddenly pared down my contributions for anything other than that particular site. Learning later that the publisher utilized black hat techniques frowned upon by Auntie Google, I was very glad to leave.

Now I’m back on track with having my dulcet tones and balding head back on YouTube. My good friend Jacob Tiranno on Chasing Cinema allowed me the wonderful privilege of being a guest on a number of his podcasts and while one could not feast their eyes on my old-ness, they could hear me. These “appearances” made me yearn for the days when I reviewed favorite films and talked World Cinema.

It has been a while since I left the Vegas area and the publication, but I’ve now sorted out a new channel and will be loading a new video tomorrow and will be attempting to keep this new venue moving. For those who have not seen my announcements via the old channel, here is the link.

If you are not too tired of hearing my opinions and stories on here, please stop by. Kick off your shoes, relax and enjoy yourself. For those who may wonder what I used to sound like in my reviews, check out my old channels, here and here.

Here is the “trailer” to my new channel:

Plus, my “notice” on my old channel (Which explains the different accents):

If you are not “bovvered” by this news, disregard the post and wait. I’ll be doing another one very, very soon.

24 April 2015

Michael Knox-Smith

Author: Mike's Film Talk

Former Actor, Former Writer, Former Journalist, USAF Veteran, Former Member Nevada Film Critics Society

25 thoughts on “Getting My Mojo Back…Sort Of”

  1. I felt very re-mojo’d today until I got home and everything started to hurt at the same time. I admire your energy, determination, and I wish you lived here, not there. I’m too tired to listen to or look at anything. I have been twisted, needled, measured, and informed. I am beat. Tomorrow. It’s another day.


    1. I have days like that! LOL Not many, thank goodness. I was doing great till I rode home. It was me versus 17 mph winds smacking me in the face. I walked the bike…a lot. Like you, I’m looking forward to tomorrow! I’d just like to have motorized transport for windy days, regardless of where I live! ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. It started as a trip to needle guy, the one who give cortisone shots to my hips (we’ve given up on my back and everyone is scared to touch it … and if they are scared to go near it, I think they shouldn’t go near it). Somehow, my PCP got wind of my being in the building and refused to give me scripts until I showed up for a long overdue annual physical.

        It’s not like I haven’t been to a doctor. I’ve been to my shrink, my oncologist, and the cardiologist. I just didn’t get the the annual physical or the GYN (next up). I got suckered. That was after the needles in the hips and the ultrasounds. Next was the lab, the other lab, the check up and finally, the vaccinations. I have bandaids all over me and in the course of events, each piece of me got twisted, prodded, poked. I hurt like a sonovabitch. And these people are on MY side.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sort of feels like the epitome of “with friends like these!” Another reason why I avoid the doc’s with a passion until I either feel like I’m dying or the pain is so bad I’d kill to have it stop…No wonder your mojo vanished…OUCH!


      3. I was glad to get the hip shots. It hugely reduces the pain of walking … but I didn’t count on the whole physical, the vaccinations, the blood taking, etc. etc. etc. It was also a very LONG day. I get tired. Then, there was the hour drive home again through rush hour traffic. It’s not as bad as New York (few places are), but it’s bad enough. 50 miles bumber-to-bumper with Massachusetts insane drivers …


      4. There is nothing worse than an elongated day when you’ve planned a specific amount of time for what needs doing, on top of that, any rush hour driving is its own special version of hell, in may opinion. I remember driving a friends car up through the New York turnpike back in 1980, she was having it shipped to Germany, and seeing a Maverick and a Gremlin go to war at around 55 mph. They were slamming each other trying to force the opposing vehicle off the turnpike. Scared the hell out of me and I’ll never forget these two maniacs using their cars as battering rams on such a busy road. Perhaps they were both from Massachusetts…


      5. Entirely possible unless the two lunatics were from New Jersey or worse, Montreal. For aggressively awful driving, though, you can’t beat Israelis. They act like they are tank commandos in the Sinai and ever other driver is an attacking enemy. They will hit you on purpose if you get in their way … and to top it off, they aren’t very GOOD drivers and don’t have great control of their vehicles.


      6. Sounds worse than Mexico and India! Mind you, I’ve always sworn the Dutch were the worst at driving, all seem to leave their brains at home, or in the boot, when they get behind the wheel. Then I think of Mexico where my Dad, when we got to our holiday destination, refused to drive. Tales of India with no lanes and everyone making up their own and now the Sinai…I’ll stop complaining about Quartzsite drivers, and Vegas ones, and be thankful I’m not on the turnpike with those two nut jobs or amid the “tank drivers!” LOLOL


      7. I’m with you there! I doubt I could either! Mind you after being hit the other day (I do believe the driver got a piece of me mid flight) it’s a battle of nerves just riding my bike! LOL


      8. I hear that. I despise driving, although, I would like access to motorized transport at the moment with these 17 mph, and above, winds tearing through the desert!


      9. That is the one problem with leaving a city, or a suburban setting. Although, the expense of taking taxis, in Vegas at least, was exorbitant to say the least. It is so different in England. Buses criss cross the country and make it easy to traverse with no real need for a car. Trains can be taken but the price is slowly growing. In Quartzsite there are some taxis for the locals and a town “bus” system for the older handicapped denizens. This latter transport took me to the local “emergency” treatment facility after my run in with the car.


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