Kathy Griffin Departing Fashion Police: Yawn

Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin
Perhaps the most annoying thing about 54 year old Joan Rivers “wanna be” Kathy Griffin departing from the Fashion Police show on E! is that I have had to agree with that pompous and pretentious arse, Piers Morgan about something.

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7 thoughts on “Kathy Griffin Departing Fashion Police: Yawn”

  1. BTW, when I learned that Griffin was a very astute business woman, especially with her money, my respect grew.
    Kathy has been a guest speaker at business colleges on how to grow the money you have based a lot on not over spending and investing mostly in low risk business’s.


    1. The fact that she got her start of reality television also explains a lot. She took a different route and obviously had to work hard to get her career going. Much respect for anyone who can take that fickle entertainment career and make money outside of the business.I just personally do not know enough about the woman’s work to be a real fan. Although to be honest, there are very few in the Rickles/Rivers arena who impress me. But…I’m enough of a Chelsea Handler fanboy that the news she supports her makes Kathy okay…I adore Handler she just kills me.


  2. I’ve enjoyed Kathy Griffins comedy specials in the past. She is spot on with most of her comment’s and story’s.
    I have noticed in the past years Kathy has begun to be less critical of celebrities.
    I did not watch her on Fashion Police however I did watch Joan Rivers occasionally. I did not find Joan funny that often just outrageous. She got away with what she said mostly due to her age and no one took her seriously.
    I also think the show has run it’s course.

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    1. Rivers was, for the most part (In my humble opinion.) a performer who made a career out of being a female Don Rickles. Rickles took the piss out of everyone, it was a measure of your personal “fame meter” if Rickles took a shot at you. The late Joan could make me laugh, but, she always felt like a second rate Rickles. Perhaps if I’d seen her first, the situation would be different. Griffins, despite being in her 50s felt too much like a conscious clone of both older performers and as I said, I’ve not seen her in anything, apart from on the Internet…

      I do agree, the show should be shelved. Any fluff program built around an existing celeb, should end up in the backroom when the host passes on.


      1. Ahh, much of popular TV watching is fluff now. From Reality shows, Bravo’s housewives shows and talking about celebrity’s.
        Kathy began her type of comedy from the start and fined tuned it over the years. I don’t find Kathy following in Joan’s footsteps wrong.
        Kathy had a reality show with her family years ago. Even those that did not like her admitted that she was unscripted.
        It wasn’t until years later Joan Rivers took Kathy into her inner circle. Joan took Kathy with her to meet the Queen and her family. The Queen was a fan of Joan’s, that surprised me more than anything else.
        Then the top celebrity ladies also have become very close friends of Kathy’s, Bette Midler, Cher, and one of her best friends is Gloria Vanderbilt.

        I don’t follow many celebrity’s, actors or entertainers. I do read or watch specials with her.
        When she began to be noticed and was at a red carpet event other female actress’s would walk off the carpet or stage to make certain they were not photographed with her.
        Kathy smiled anyway. I admire a tough self-made woman.


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