American Sniper: Sergeant York for a New Generation

Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle in American Sniper

Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle in American Sniper

While reading the reviews of the Clint Eastwood/Bradley Cooper feature about America’s deadliest sniper, aka American Sniper, it is easy to be reminded of another film about a decorated war hero. One Sergeant Alvin York (played brilliantly by the iconic Gary Cooper [the Clint Eastwood of his day] who won an Academy Award for his portrayal of the reluctant World War I hero) who was one of the most decorated soldiers in his day. It now seems that Chris Kyle is the Sergeant York for a new and more cynical generation.

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Author: Mike's Film Talk

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8 thoughts on “American Sniper: Sergeant York for a New Generation”

  1. The politics of the day can definitely influence the popularity of some movies. Years later when the politics are forgotten the movie can fade. ??
    Don’t know if that’s case with American Sniper or not – it is a good movie. Is it actually possible that that in this instance political sentiments may have played against it? or that the Academy just didn’t want to give Eastwood yet another Oscar?
    Myself, i would have preferred Sniper to have won the Oscar instead of Birdman (which has brilliance, but i’m not sure I will never watch it again).
    So there.

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    1. I don’t know, I’ve not watched it and will most likely wait for the DVD. I have read both sides’ arguments for and against and to be fair to both, they have valid points. Kyle was not another Alvin C. York. From all accounts he was not even very likable. Granted he does not have to be, but the first film celebrated the combination of humble hero and sharpshooter. Kyle shot a lot of people. Making him into an American hero by vilifying the Iraqi people (with the implication that the were savages or worse and responsible for 9/11) is wrong. This field of operation is nowhere near as cut and dried as either of the World Wars and therefore the deeds of both men are considerably different. Perhaps living in another country most of my life has cut down on my “patriotic” fervor a great deal, but this in one film that, with all the two-ing and fro-ing from critics and fans, will have to wait of the dust to settle before I watch it. Thanks for sharing your point of view! 🙂


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