The Walking Dead Mid Season 5 Premiere: Greg Nicotero Rules

Thus far in season five of “The Walking Dead,” Greg Nicotero rules when it comes to handling those “difficult” episodes and the mid season premiere proves once again that the SFX guru is, perhaps, the most gifted director on board helming the popular AMC series. He has shown once more that his days of making a name for himself in the world of makeup and FX are finished. Clearly, in this apocalyptic show, Nicotero belongs in the chair directing more and more of the episodes…

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Author: Mike's Film Talk

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2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Mid Season 5 Premiere: Greg Nicotero Rules”

  1. Another show we don’t watch. We ARE watching reruns of Alfred Hitchcock presents. Interesting show. One of the few things for which we can’t predict the ending — probably because Hitchcock often doesn’t actually include an end. The show just stops. I can predict most endings … but not NO ending.


    1. I loved, and still do, love the old Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV show. I know that most specialised in the O. Henry type of twist ending or, as you pointed out, the non-ending where proceeding just grind to a halt leaving the viewer dangling. Of course the epitome of the latter was The Birds. I love The Walking Dead. Not to the extent of, say, Breaking Bad, but I get so involved in these survivors and their struggle to keep going. But it is one of those shows that took me ages to get into because while living in England I missed the pilot episode and kept trying to watch it to get in sync. I agree, “no endings” are very hard to predict! 🙂


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