Constantine: NBC Dooms Its English Exorcist #SaveConstantine

Constantine: NBC Dooms Its English Exorcist #SaveConstantine

Whilst getting ready to review the latest episode in the comic book NBC series Constantine, it was discovered that the network has taken the first steps to cancelling this out of the box program featuring its version of an English exorcist by cutting the first season’s episodes down to 13 hence the social media campaign of hashtag #SaveConstantine. This development, which was first brought to light in November, feels an awful lot like the Longmire debacle over on A&E, although not quite the same as the cowboy detective had a huge fanbase who were all the wrong age according to that network. Constantine, has been steadily growing in popularity, says zap2it’s TV by the Numbers in an article released on December 13.

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2 thoughts on “Constantine: NBC Dooms Its English Exorcist #SaveConstantine”

  1. I’ll be disappointed to see this show cancelled, I’m really enjoying it, and I wasn’t even a comic fan so I knew nothing about it before. I think my age would disqualify my opinion from mattering, though, since I’m 67. Apparently after 45, no one cares what we watch.


    1. It would be nice to learn if NBC suffers from the same ageist phobias as A&E! It really seems that in this case, the network may have been a bit hasty in their decision to cancel episodes 14 and up. They could still give the show a Christmas present and reverse their ruling! Here’s to crossing fingers…


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