The Expendables 3: Antonio Banderas Saves Saggy Middle (Review/Trailer)

The Expendables 3: Antonio Banderas Saves Saggy Middle (Review/Trailer)

The Expendables 3 feels a little flat without Bruce Willis as Church and the middle is a bit saggy, perhaps as much as Kelsey Grammer’s middle but Antonio Banderas saves the entire film as the best action-man/comic relief imaginable. It never helps a film when an actor who was in the first two installments of a franchise leaves suddenly with a good portion of bad publicity. Willis was fired from the third segment of this popular escapist action “series” amid producer Sylvester Stallone’s Twitter tirade where he accused Bruce of being greedy and lazy.

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4 thoughts on “The Expendables 3: Antonio Banderas Saves Saggy Middle (Review/Trailer)”

  1. “Willis Fired” ????? !!!! Come on! Willis doesn’t need the Expendables. Stallone does. Willis is still a much sought after headliner who doesn’t have to make his own movies to get some screen time. He was doing Stallone a favor by appearing in this stuff – and giving it some credibility.

    For what it is -and what it obviously recognizes itself to be – the Expendables is OK – but it’s a ‘one trick pony’ and can’t to places where Willis can go.


    1. I agree 100 percent! I wrote a pretty snarky article about Sly’s firing of Willis back when it happened. Bruce doesn’t need Stallone and he did give the series a touch of class that was not reciprocated. Cheers my friend!


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