Nelson Mandela Siener Van Rensburg and the Chinese Solution

Nelson Mandela Siener Van Rensburg and the Chinese Solution

On December 5, 2013, after months of Nelson Mandela magically clinging to life against all logical expectations, the South African Government announced that the great humanitarian had died. Hence, after an overlong period of secrecy and deception, the icon was finally allowed to die. By the time it was officially announced, even the most devout believers, in the apparent lie pushed by the Mandela family and the South African Presidency, began to doubt its veracity. While the country’s denizens began the mourning process, others in the population; people who believed in Siener van Rensburg and his chilling prophecy, began to make final preparations for the “xenophobia.” Still more of the population eye their new Chinese “neighbors” and fear that they may be part of an end game solution.

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2 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela Siener Van Rensburg and the Chinese Solution”

  1. Every time when South Africa is at the center of attention or excellency, negativity and arrogance always pours from misinformed international writer and media. Remember the soccer World Cup, they were first to say we are not ready and violence will be perpetrated against the visitors in which they were proven wrong in both cases.

    Regarding the Chinese please lets apply our minds and think before we write, speak or misinform others, Chinese people are rightfully everywhere in the globe and so are other nations.


    1. Agreed. But, in this case it is not just people, as in regular citizens that are a cause for interest. The reason for concern has to do with military members, weapons and an army base. The article is not a negative one at all, it merely points out the scenarios that some South African’s believe will occur. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. 🙂


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