GTA V Online Multiplayer Gamers Still Unhappy with Rockstar

GTA V Online Multiplayer Gamers Still Unhappy with Rockstar

After releasing one of the most highly anticipated games of 2013, Rockstar Games seem to be going out of their way to alienate gamers who are still unhappy with the company. GTA V Online Multiplayer Mode is still having a multitude of problems and fans of the game are beginning to feel that Rockstar are purposefully trying to milk them dry of real cash instead of GTA V $ while taking the fun out of the franchise

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2 thoughts on “GTA V Online Multiplayer Gamers Still Unhappy with Rockstar”

  1. We’ve seen a history (epidemic?) of highly rated games – that have made millions of dollars – being released with huge problems = unfinished; unpolished; incomplete; unplayable; poor gameplay; etc etc.
    Diablo 3’s problem would warrant a book or a movie.
    Rome 2 by Creative Assembly was rife with problems and negative feedback. Patch 7 has just been released – with more on the way.
    There are several others I could mention.
    I know it can’t be easy to make a game, but supposedly these games were Beta tested for many months and still had terrible shortcomings.
    What gives ???


    1. Agreed. The amount of popular games that are released with bugs, glitches, et al is stunning. I wrote an article about it earlier this year, apparently the gaming community are happy to pay for a “less than perfect” product. I believe that this is gaming for the future. 😦


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