Black Friday Strike Coming to a Walmart Near You

Black Friday Strike Coming to a Walmart Near You

With Black Friday just around the corner, Walmart workers have already started the groundwork for yet another strike at a Walmart near you. November 29 is this years Black Friday and store associates have planned another day of disruption and stoppages for the company. Walmart is not alone in the fight for fair wages. Other retail chains have joined the fight, including Target, Best Buy and Macy’s.


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7 thoughts on “Black Friday Strike Coming to a Walmart Near You”

  1. I was surprised to hear how happy these women were with their jobs at Walmart. One lady out right said that it was the only company that she ever worked at that encouraged her to take courses offered at the store so she could move up. She said that if she’s willing to pay part of her medical insurance cost the company covers the remaining cost. It’s optional to employees, some don’t want to pay their portion.
    I also love shopping there and I find they do have quality goods if I look for them.
    Nice to hear from you also
    Hope all is well with you.
    Happy Thanksgiving!! (I know)


  2. Hmm, possibly a matter of perspective. I know a few Walmart employes and they like their jobs and the company. They are proud that the company promotes from within and offers courses for the promotions.
    It’s offered them with high school educations only opportunities.
    Many of them do not understand why outside people critique their company so harshly.
    Cheap wares, not entirely true.


    1. I personally love Walmart! (gasp) but their track record in dealing with their employees leaves a lot to be desired. But, like everything else, it is all a matter of perspective! Thanks for commenting mate!! 😀


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