G Is for Guy Fawkes and B Is for Bon Fire Night

G Is for Guy Fawkes and B Is for Bon Fire Night

When the film V Is for Vendetta came out in 2005, the world was reminded of the old Guido “Guy” Fawkes and his part in the infamous gunpowder plot of 1605. This nefarious plot to blow up the House of Lords ended badly on November 5 when the plot, and Guy, were rumbled by authorities. Since that day, denizens of England have celebrated that day with fireworks, bonfires and effigy burning.

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2 thoughts on “G Is for Guy Fawkes and B Is for Bon Fire Night”

  1. Hi Mike,

    When I was 8 (1956?) i lived in England for a year (Guildford, Surrey) and experienced Guy Fawkes Day. As you say, there were no restrictions in those days and some of the fireworks were really almost ‘explosives’. I’m sure there were accidents – fires and injuries. Sadly this led to a curtailing of freedoms, but it was inevitable. But the experience was great. I recall that you could literally stay up all night watching skyrocket after skyrocket go up into the night. i’m not sure what it’s like these days, but it’s not likely what it used to be.


    1. There are still a load of fireworks to see, for free set off by exuberant neighbours, but the times have changed the more quaint and familiar ways of the holiday. I really do miss those old days of the kids asking for a penny for their guy. Like everything else, the old ways have been replaced. It’s nice to hear someone else had memories of what the day used to mean. Cheers!! 😀


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