GTA V Online: Rockstar Releases More Information on Character Loss

GTA V Online: Rockstar Releases More Information on Character Loss

With GTA V player’s frustrations mounting, Rockstar are working feverishly to solve the problem of character, item, rank, property and cash loss. As the company learns more about the issue, they have been passing the information on to gamers who have experienced these losses.

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2 thoughts on “GTA V Online: Rockstar Releases More Information on Character Loss”

  1. Losing your “character” is certainly an interesting metaphor – to say the least.
    I still recall the analogy about MS Windows and Car Makers – what would happen if somebody released a car product with the flaws, errors, and mistakes that most every Windows version has. Naturally all the cars would be recalled. But Game Makers release game after game that are incomplete, broken, flawed, etc. and we are all forced to deal with it. No refunds, recalls … nothing. Just endless patches. The recent and never ending – ongoing – horrific problems that Blizzard had / has with Diablo would make a very interesting movie or documentary. The devil truly got in there. They recently sent me a letter inferring that I was ‘hacking’ and suspended my Battlenet account. I hadn’t played in months. When I tried to uninstall the game, i found there was no way to do so – and nobody to tell me how. I had to throw it off my system manually. I;m sure there’s part of it on my computer.
    Creative Assembly’s new ‘Rome 2’ is receiving patch after patch – typical of every game they’ve ever released.
    I could go on on.
    It was recently revealed that the Gaming Industry had surpassed movie making for money revenues.
    We can only pray they don’t start making cars.


    1. Agree totally. I did a blog post ages ago about how the new generation of games are continually released with problems that would have sunk developers on the last gen consoles. Gamers have gotten way too complacent!


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