Miley Cyrus Threatened With Legal Action From Sinead O’Connor

Miley Cyrus Threatened With Legal Action From Sinead O’Connor

The Miley Cyrus vs Sinead O’Connor social network feud that started with an open letter from O’Connor to Miley via the Irish singer’s Facebook page has shifted up a gear. Sinead decided to leave the old fashioned Facebook to continue the battle between old and young.

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5 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Threatened With Legal Action From Sinead O’Connor”

    1. Unfortunately that seems to have been lost on the “Miley” generation, although, not all younger folks suffer the same disease. She really does seem to believe that all publicity is good publicity. She should read about Fatty Arbuckle and see that, “sorry darlin’ it isn’t true!” Thanks for sharing mate! 🙂


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