The Wide Game by Michael West Released as EBook Plus Interview

Michael West's The Wide Game

Today I am very excited to welcome back author Michael West! He is one of my favourite masters of horror and I cannot say how pleased I am to have him on my blog again.

Michael’s book, The Wide Game, is now being released in eBook format and that means it will be even more available for his old fans as well as his new ones. He has graciously consented to taking time from his busy schedule, going to conventions and book signings and well as writing, to participate in another interview.

TCM tour for Michael West

Michael is not only getting his book The Wide Game reissued as an  eBook, but also his short story collection Skull Full of Kisses. He currently working on another of his Poseidon’s Children stories.

So without further ado, lets  get to that interview!

So the Wide Game is getting re-issued as an ebook.  How excited are you for that?

I’m very excited.  For years, not a day went by that I wasn’t asked, “When is Wide Game coming out on Kindle, Nook, etc.?”  So happy that it is now available, and that it can be enjoyed by a much wider audience.

The cover is very different from the paperback version. How much input did you get in what the cover would look like and are you happy with the end result?

Isn’t it wonderful?  Yes, as with all my covers, I worked closely with award-winning artist Matthew Perry and discussed what I wanted to see.  This was, basically, a couple of teenagers running through the corn with a huge demon rising up and looming over them.  Matt gave me just that, and, as usual, it looked even better than what I envisioned.

I know that you are working on your second Poseidon’s Children story, how is that coming along and when can we expect to see it?

Yes, the next Legacy of the Gods novel, Hades’ Disciples, is consuming much of my time right now.  I’m hoping to have it done and available to all my faithful readers by the end of the year.  If not, it will be soon after New Years.  I’m pretty happy with it right now, and I don’t want to rush it, but I understand the fans are craving more time with these characters.  I promise the wait is almost over.

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I’ve probably asked this before, but will there ever be a sequel or a part 2 to The Wide Game?

Cinema of Shadows and Spook House were technically sequels to Wide Game, but the next Harmony, Indiana novel, Field of Screams, will be more of a direct continuation of the story.


A new e version of your short story collection, Skull Full of Kisses, has just been released.  Are you still thinking about writing another Jiki story (Jiki is a Japanese Demon)?

I don’t have any immediate plans for another Jiki tale, but I do love that character, so I would love to do something else with her in the future.

After Field of Screams, are you planning on doing any other stories around Harmony, Indiana?

I’m sure I will set more stories in that poor town in the future.  It is a place I feel comfortable in, and I think there are more things I can do there.  The characters aren’t out of the woods yet.  Well, the ones who survive the next book anyway.

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And last but not least, what have you got planned after you finish the second Legacy of the Gods book, besides taking a break? Any hints you can pass on?

No real break yet.  As soon as I finish Hades’ Disciples, I go right into the next Legacy novel, Zeus’ Warriors, then I have another short story collection coming out, Straightjacket Memories, followed by Field of Screams, and then the final Legacy novel, Kronos’ Return.  I’m sure there will be some short breaks in there somewhere.  I go to a lot of conventions during the year, which are like mini vacations for me.  I love them, and I love meeting my faithful readers.  Without their passion and support, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do this thing that I enjoy.

About Michael West:  Michael West is the critically-acclaimed author of The Wide Game, Cinema of Shadows, Spook House, Skull Full of Kisses, and the Legacy of the Gods series.  A graduate of Indiana University, with a degree in Telecommunications and Film Theory,  West has written a multitude of short stories, articles, and reviews for various on-line and print publications.  He lives and works in the Indianapolis area with his wife, their two children, their bird, Rodan, their turtle, Gamera, and their dog, King Seesar.

His children are convinced that spirits move through the woods near their home.


The Wide Game Book Synopsis:  On the advice of his wife, Paul Rice is making plans to attend his 10th year High School reunion. Returning to his boyhood home of Harmony, Indiana, he finds that he is still haunted by memories of that time-memories of Deidra, his first love, and memories of the Wide Game. It was ten years ago that Paul and his friends watched their day of fun become a race for their lives, a fight for their very souls.

Now, as he meets the survivors of that day once more, Paul makes a chilling discovery: the incomprehensible forces that toyed with them have yet to finish playing their own game.

The Wide Game is one of the Harmony, Indiana horror novels from Michael West, which also include Cinema of Shadows and Spook House.

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