Is The Lone Ranger John Carter on a horse?

Is The Lone Ranger John Carter on a horse?

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9 thoughts on “Is The Lone Ranger John Carter on a horse?”

  1. The cost of the film isn’t Depps fault. And he actually took a 20% pay cut to get the movie made. I wont comment at this point on the movies virtues – or lack thereof, but I do think there is a bit of what I call the ‘Kevin Costner Syndrome’ going on here – whereby the Critics were just waiting – like vultures – to knock Costner off his high horse after his massive success with Dances with Wolves – as they blistered him mightily for Waterworld. Likewise they were also seeking the same after Depps (and Bruckheimer’s) recent massive box offices successes – especially with the Pirates movies.
    I think this movie will eventually recover its money though – because there are indications that the fans are ignoring the critics – as in the Rotten Tomatoes reviews where there is about a 40% gulf of opinion between the critics opinions the viewers. But it’s certain not to make what they surely hoped for.
    I must also say that I feel some of the negative reaction is exaggerated. Is there really any portrayal of Native by a White actor that won’t find criticism? Depp had more than one Native advisor with him no the set – so he was conscious of this and made some attempt there. But really folks, though it’s OK to dislike Johnny… the movie is a comedy !!! As were the Pirate movies.
    Lighten UP !!!
    Enough for now … Kimosabe.


      1. Thanks Mike .. but i think i better qualify some of my ‘know it all’ comments. Firstly, a *20%” pay cut for JD means he will likely only make a lousy 40 million dollars??? (just a guess) instead of 50 million – more wampum than the rest of us will cowboys will see in seven lifetimes. Hell i woulda done it for a lousy 10,000 bucks. (But nobody would want to see me) If Johnny really wanted to be a pal he coulda done it for a percentage of profit … and probably made next to nothing. (After all. this isn’t Star Wars).
        As for me saying it’s a “comedy” … well … it’s a bit dark. A lotta people getting killed and blown up in there. Black Humor? Red Humor? How about an Action Comedy. ??
        Outta here.


  2. Garry keeps getting confused. He doesn’t realize the article isn’t really on your site at all. But now he has found it, so you will hear from him again.


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