Nigella Lawson strangling being treated as minor by police.

Nigella Lawson strangling being treated as minor by police.

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2 thoughts on “Nigella Lawson strangling being treated as minor by police.”

  1. and … Nigella s husband looks very comfortable in that photo with his hands on her neck, men don’t do that. I don’t believe his excuse at all. Guessing the abuse has been going on quite some time.
    Hope Nigellas reaches out to her friends or her friends go in and get her out soon.


  2. The reasons women stay are as varied as the women are, mostly due to the lack of finances to leave. They are offered a safe house for their family, that’s it.
    I would love to see, yes see, these abusers who diminish their actions with justifications be “treated” exactly the same way by a bigger person. Add the evil eyes, the cruel words and pain, physical and emotional , watch their reactions.
    I’ve always wanted to know how tough these cowards really are.
    Long ago I believed a “crew” of bad ass women would be the perfect equalizer!


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