Microsoft Windows Everywhere Campaign

Microsoft Windows Everywhere Campaign

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2 thoughts on “Microsoft Windows Everywhere Campaign”

  1. I’ve been using WIndows 8 since it came out and I find in inferior in many ways to previous Windows versions. Its not the least bit intuitive – hard to get around in. And in some instances it just doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tried using it’s “Search” feature several times. It finds nothing – even when I know the exact name of the file. ???
    As I asked before: don’t they test drive this thing before they shovel it out? I keep telling people to stick with previous versions – or alternative products. But they truly seem to be a monopoly.
    And tt seems that no matter what multi billion dollar blunders MS makes they are so rich and powerful that it barely affects them. They are immune. Anybody else would take a bit hit or go bankrupt. Not MS.
    So … they launch massive marketing campaigns to sell this thing.


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